Winners at the UK Business Awards 2019

Welcome to Uk Business Awards #UKBA19

What an inspiring day we had on Friday at the UK Business Awards. I was honoured to be asked to be a Judge this year, it was such an incredible experience.

The Finalists were from a broad range of companies as you’d expect, with amazing stories of business growth, vision and adversity shining through.

I was judging the Entrepreneur of the Year, category. All amazing businesses, among them the youngest entrepreneurs being only 24. They have a very successful business called PAHS supplying and creating indoor and outdoor play areas, using recycled plastics and materials to make the play equipment. 🙌🏼

There was a company called AYMES who formulated and supply an Oral Nutrition Supplement, saving the NHS over £70million a year, and we listened to many other businesses who all had inspiring stories to tell. 👏🏼


And the winner is…

The winner, awarded the Entrepreneur of the Year is Luke Murfitt who owns Integrity Cleaning. Wow, a very strong-willed and brave man, battling with being diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease 18 months ago, he left his job in the City and started his own commercial and construction cleaning company, called Integrity Cleaning. 💥

Among his USPs and the initiative that made the difference to his quick success lies in his brilliant decision in who he employs. Mothers (and Fathers) returning to work are his core team of cleaners.

But as he said, they are not to be referred as ‘the cleaner’, they are people, and so his team have names on their tops and the clients are encouraged to call them by their name. Brilliant.

Luke has already created so many jobs in London and has won many contracts, and has a great vision to expand even further. His story was amazing and brought a few tears too as we all listened to his presentation.

Here I am with Luke and another of the fab Judges in our group, Sudhana Singh.

We had a great day together, brilliantly organised by Awards International. Sudhana’s written a book too, called Nail It 7 Steps to Life & Business Mastery for Entrepreneurial Leaders. Sudhana has totally changed and transformed her life in the last few years and was a wonderful woman to work with on the Judges panel. Here we are with our books!

We were entertained by a brilliant magician, Ben Hart, doing mind-blowing close-up magic for us during lunch and the award ceremony. Here’s Luke Murfitt, collecting his award for the new Entrepreneur of the Year. A very happy man, on his way to taking his business to the next level.

‌UK Business Awards 2019 was an amazing day to be a part of and I’ll keep you posted about the UK Business Awards in 2020.

What new initiatives are you inspired to create for your business in 2020? Start writing them down and allow time for your ideas to germinate and take shape.

If you’d like help with your vision for 2020, please do get in touch with me and I’ll guide you through a brilliant exercise to get clarity on your ideas and prioritise what to do next to bring those ideas to life.

Have a great day, and I’ll see you soon.

To your success and happiness,

Jo James