WebSummit Day 1 Report Blog by Jo James AmberlIfe

WebSummit 2018 My Day 1 Report #ForTheWeb

The summit was focused on the future of the world wide web, data and security with passion and purpose to ensure a healthier, safer world online and here’s my first report for you.

The #WebSummit2018 kicked off with Timothy Berners-Lee, ‘the inventor of the World Wide Web’ – saying “We’ll soon be in a 50/50 moment. In May 2019 half the world will be online,  so the next step that’s needed is a Contract #ForTheWeb, where companies and governments will collaborate.

The Contract For The Web is a coming of age and will consist of 9 Principles. 

People inside companies will have the attitude to do the right thing for the user and the world. GDPR has started this attitude of safeguarding people’s privacy, and we see it being used worldwide in time, and the new contract will be the next attitude to build. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Google has signed the contract for the web and is supporting the web foundation to protect the free and open web and France is the first country to sign it.

After 30 years of the WWW, it’s now the age of responsibility, to avoid the abuse, unfair business practices and secure online free speech.

It doesn’t have to be ad served, it goes back to values – encouraging those who build the web to work on a project and work as the user’s agent – writing code not to ‘distract’ the user.
Instead, generate value for the user – with no ads, no clickbait or stuff to distract the user’s experience.”  said Tim Berners-Lee.

Wow, wouldn’t that be wonderful?

To join in immediately and participate in making the web a better place for you and your customers,

your Action Point today is to take some time to reflect on these 2 questions to help shape your online brand.

What are the values that you will focus on in your business in 2019 and beyond?

How can you improve your customer’s experience online to match your values?

Not sure where to start? I’d love to help you identify and improve your customer’s journey too if you’d like my help, contact me today

The web summit continued for 3 days and I’ll share more with you in the next blog. Particularly the amazing interview we saw with the designer Alexander Wang and the surprising changes he’s made in his company to better serve his customers online and offline.

Your customer journey is, of course, off-line too!

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