Time to Treat Yourself - Q3 Achievement List-blog by Jo James AmberLIfe

Time to Treat Yourself and Write Your Q3 Achievement List

It’s been an interesting summer, politically unsettling to say the least. So let’s go to the movies and remember the good bits of summer! As I raised a glass to us all at Contacts and Cocktails a few weeks ago, saying “Cheers to all you brilliant business owners, you’re running your business much better than the government is running the country!”

In these times, nourish yourself. And some more! You are the most important element in your business.

Stop and Eat those carrots!  

Notice how much you’ve built your resilience, your perseverance and determination. Notice how your passion still shines through and how you’re able to stick with your dreams through difficult times.

Move over politicians, you’re the star of the show!

Looking back on the last three months, July, August and September, what were your highlights? Both personally and in your business. What piece of work stands out for you? What are you most proud of achieving in Q3? What did you learn?

Write down your Achievements in Q3.  Makes for good reading to recognise what you’ve achieved and you can revisit it when you need a boost one day!

Well done! Each of your wins and learnings matter. Every step counts.

Introducing you to 2 fabulous women for a treat!

Contacts and Cocktails attracts an amazing group of business owners focused on empowering your health, wealth and well-being.

Allow me to introduce you to two fabulous women who have something special for you.

Time to Treat Yourself Introducing Denise Parker Magic in Nature Blog by Jo James AmberLIfe
Denise Parker has a Magic in Nature Day next Sunday, 4th October in Richmond Park, London. “It’s not always easy to let go of the thoughts and perceptions of the rational mind and engage fully with the magic of life. So this will be a chance to do just that in a relaxing and supportive way in the magic of nature itself.”

Enjoy a day out with other women in business, connecting with nature, your inner wisdom and intuition. There are now 2 places left. Have a look here for more details and to come along for a magical day.

And introducing Heather Waring has a mini Adventure for you, called Walk Your Way.

Time to Treat Yourself Introducing Heather Waring Walk This Way Blog by Jo James AmberLIfe

Where ever you are in the world you can join in! Heather will help you discover how to take a short 10 – 20 minute walk during your busy day to get some headspace, some me-time, and slow your pace so you can return recharged.

It starts next Monday, 7th October for 30 days. Have a look here for more details.

Getting you into the swing of Q4 in a healthy way.

To your success and happiness, see you soon!

Jo James.

P.S. Join us for Contacts and Cocktails next time and meet our group of brilliant business owners. Have a look here for more details.  I look forward to introducing you and your expertise.  Always a fun and productive evening!

“It was such a lovely informal friendly setting with lots of value for the time you spend there and a lovely group of people. Totally would recommend #ContactsAndCocktails” Aarti Parmar, AP Brand Communications