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The 358th Action Point to Grow Your Business

So we’re in September! August seems to have flown by doesn’t it? With schools back this week, many people will be back at their desks going through numerous emails and revisiting those they’ve saved ’til now.

Who said to you… “let’s talk when I get back in September”?

Who have you met networking over summer that you’d love to catch up with again?  Who did you send designs, drafts or proposals to and you’re waiting to hear back from them?

Your Action Point today is to make a list of ALL the people that need following up with this week and next. Enjoy refocusing for the new season.  All helping you to meet and exceed your goals for 2018.
I’ve been Making Your Mondays Matter for 7 years!

Wowzers! That’s the 358th time I’ve written to my VIP List of Brilliant Business Owners on a Monday morning with an Action Point! It’s 7 years today that I started writing newsletters with my sales tips and mindset shifts to give you and your business a boost on a Monday morning, called…

“Make Your Mondays Matter”

Make Your Mondays Matter, the title of the newsletters are written to help you get clarity on what to do next to help you build your relationships and ultimately to make more sales. 

Feel energised to take action on Mondays to get more results by Friday!  

Writing to you EVERY SINGLE MONDAY FOR 7 YEARS was a challenge and a commitment I decided to do to help business owners that were probably working by themselves, to give you clear action steps with sales tips that I’d learned work so well.  So at 10 am on a Monday morning, you feel supported, with a prompt and a nudge to get your week started.

It’s been hard work to do this every week and some weeks are definitely harder than others!!

I absolutely LOVE it when you’ve emailed me or caught up with me in London networking and told me you enjoyed the last newsletter, or that you keep my newsletters in a folder to refer to when you need it. It’s great to know I’m still helping you get results in your business, that I’m giving you a boost to your week, as I originally planned 7 years ago!

Your 2018 Goals

We’ve got a few months left to reach your 2018 goals and I’d love to help you smash yours too. So, get started on your list today, who said “Let’s talk when I get back in September?”

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Have a great week and as ever, get in touch to talk about your business and what you’d like to achieve next. I’m here to help you.

To your success and happiness,

Jo James  xx

Your Business Coach who loves to help you significantly increase your sales.