Stop underselling yourself blog

So, one thing I hear most business owners want, is more income every year. Do you? And if your answer is yes, you want more income, what are you doing to make it happen?

I frequently help my clients with their pricing structure and look at ways they can easily increase their income.

How are you going about this?

Check these 3 ways:

1. Look at your costs. Check you’re getting a good return on your investments and you’re not wasting money!

2. Notice the time you are taking to complete projects. Are you charging correctly? Or quoting one price but taking twice as long as expected to do it?

3. Make sure you’re not underselling your services. Are you? If you feel you might be, stop!

Take some time today and write out a list of ALL the things you help your clients with.

How does that benefit their business and their lives? Think big! I call it exploding the benefits!

Don’t take your skills for granted. What you might think everyone can do, they probably can’t! That’s why they need you. They value your skills.

Do you sometimes have limiting beliefs and ask yourself “how on earth can I charge that much for x, y, z?

Take another look at your list of ALL the things you help your clients with and I bet that question (and limiting belief) fades into the background.

To your success and happiness, value your skills more, stop underselling yourself 🙂

Jo James xx

Do Contact Me if you have any questions with your pricing structure or how to make more sales the anti-selling way!