In the spirit of International Women’s Day…

Happy International Women’s Day! Yes again, it’s still going! It’s being celebrated all around the world for at least a week now. It’s great isn’t it, how the celebrations keep lasting longer each year.

We had a fabulously productive Contacts and Cuisine, amidst the Prosecco to celebrate IWD and to Claudia Fallah for winning 5 Awards for her amazing cosmeceutical products in the Beauty ShortList Awards, Editors Choice. Which means over 4 years of winning, Claudia has won an award for EVERY product she has! 🙌🏼 Amazing woman!

We networked and shared many contacts between courses, as we shared our stories and learned so much more about each other. Here we are before we sat down for lunch, supporting this year’s theme for IWD, #EachforEqual

We still need to make a noise, stand up and change the narrative. You’ve probably read many inspiring stories of how women have stood up, stepped up and created change for themselves and women worldwide.

As you do every day!

You put yourself out for many people I’m sure. You serve your clients, look after your family and then on top of that you’re doing something big and scary like running your own business!

You’re putting yourself out there, raising your visibility, creating something new, producing incredible work.

We seem to step outside our comfort zone on a regular basis when running your own business, don’t we? We do the thing that scares us, and then there’s always the next thing to do!

As I was saying to my clients last week.. “we have to get comfortable being uncomfortable! It seems to be easier that way.”

So keep the celebrations going this week and treat yourself to something for YOU.

You inspire me every day.

You are amazing! Yes. You. Are. I’m cheering you on from here.

And if you fancy coming out for another drink to celebrate #IWD and network with more amazing, inspirational business owners, join us at Contacts and Cocktails on Thursday. Designed to help you grow your business during a fun and productive evening of facilitated networking.

Early Bird tickets end tonight, so book on here today to save. All helps!

Have a great week ahead. Go sparkle!

To your success and happiness,

Jo James

Your Business Coach who loves to help you make it happen