Slow down to speed up

Let’s talk about looking after your energy levels today. We’re already more than mid-way through October and things are getting busier and more hectic for some, is it for you?

Remember to take a breather in between different tasks.



Have some transition time in between tasks. Especially if you’re feeling stressed after something.

Let’s get those cortisol levels lower!

Even if you only have one or two minutes for yourself, give yourself time to re-set, before starting on the next task.

Unless you’re loving it, then of course, carry on in that brilliant zone!

Like tennis players go to the baseline between shots, when bouncing their balls before serving they take time to breathe, refocus, get themselves into the zone before powering through with their next serve.

So, before you serve your next client, or start your next task, take a minute to go back to the baseline throughout your day for a quick re-set.



Slow down to speed up!


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