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Share Your Customer’s Experience

Sales success is all about relationships and the experience your customers have.

Are you describing the brilliant experience your customers have when working with you? Have a look on your website and see if your ‘Service’ pages or ‘Work With Me’ page is enticing.

An easy way to demonstrate the experience of working with you on your website is through the power of testimonials. It’s like a love note!  Yes it’s still February so let’s continue to share the love!

Your customers’ words speak volumes and gives your website browsers insight into what it will really be like when they work with you. Their experience.

What a week!

For example, a new client, Farida from Bravo Associates worked in my VIP 6 figure Business Program on Monday, and after securing a new contract on Friday, she kindly sent this note to me…

The minute I met Jo I felt relaxed and safe. I’m now in good hands where I can say what I want and know I’m going to be challenged and held accountable. I want to get clear on how I can grow my business while working in it.

After my first session on Monday, I have a list of areas to focus on and am actually knuckling down and doing them, giving me that sense of achievement as I tick them off.

Jo’s contagious positive personality gave me the boost and boot in the right direction, and I secured a new three-month contract by Friday. Amazing!

I feel I can discuss anything with her however minute or trivial just so I can get it off my chest.

I’m feeling productive and motivated to continue, knowing my next Monthly Mentoring sessions are booked. My safety net. “

Farida Braza, Bravo Associates.

What a beautiful love note and Testimonial to receive, and I’m super-proud of Farida’s achievements already and look forward to seeing more progress as she builds her business.

So, your Action Point today is to have a look at your website today. Do you have Testimonials on each page of your Services, Products and Programs? Are there some new ones you can add?

If you haven’t, ask for them. Yes go ahead, ask! I’m sure your customers will be more than happy to write a testimonial for you, so ask them.

Maybe you can send a love note to today? A testimonial to someone who has provided a great service to you? It will make their day.

To your success and happiness, sending you love for a fabulous week ahead to round off the month. Go for your goals!

Call me if you need me +44 (0) 7968 016585. I’m here to help you.

Jo James xx
Your Business Coach who loves to help you make it happen.

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