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The Secrets to Successful Networking for Small Business Owners

We had a brilliant group of kind-hearted business owners at Contacts and Cocktails networking on Thursday night.  I love facilitating these events and introducing everyone, it’s amazing how many people we all know between us, and are happy to connect.

It just keeps getting better and better!

Attracting like-minded happy and helpful business owners, recommendations and introductions were being made around the table which will hopefully lead to some very exciting new business opportunities.

I love being the matchmaker!

I’m sure you’ve met some interesting people while out networking recently?

Have you contacted that person you had a good connection with since the event? Or followed up on that lead someone gave you?  I bet they’d love to hear from you.

Remember the re-frame that Sales is all about Relationships. 

People buy from people who they feel comfortable working with and feel they can achieve the results they are looking for, solving THE problem they have.

But it’s your job to remind them you’re there, not their job to remember you!

The secret to networking is all in the follow-up, they need to hear from you, again, and again. 

You have to get to know them better!

It often takes more than just one meeting at a networking event, developing new business does take some time. But don’t wait too long!

Not everyone follows up, and there are some shocking statistics that will encourage you to do so today.

I’m hot on reminding my networking group about this as it makes ALL the difference to your networking success.

Only 50 % of people will follow up once.

25% of people will follow up more than twice.

and only 10% of people will follow up more than three times.

So if you follow up, more than once, you will stand out and be remembered. 

But it doesn’t have to be all about you. Make the follow up all about them. 

Today, use one of my favourite ways to follow up and help share the love.

1. Remember that person you were chatting with at the last networking event you went to – Who were they looking to connect with?  Who did you say you can put them in touch with?  Write an introductory email, they’d love that!

2. Connect with them on social media and engage with them there too. There’s a myriad of ways to connect now and follow up, as well as picking up the phone which as we know is a brilliant way of developing the relationship as you can have much more of a private conversation about their challenges and goals.

3. Send them a useful blog or article, share a post on a DM that’s relevant to them.

4. Say thank you to the person that connected you and let them know of your progress.

Spread some love and make your networking work. For everyone!

To your success and happiness, be the matchmaker today, too.

With love to you,

Jo James xx

Your Business Coach who loves to help you make it happen.

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