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Reshaping Our Working Day

We see the end of July this week, how did you get on in the first month of Q3?

Take some time to write down what you’ve achieved this month. And relish those achievements and remind yourself of all the wins!

My clients are happy being accountable to me even more so in these times as we stay working from home. They are loving the power hours and regular calls we’re having to keep motivated, focused and still have time for other ideas to germinate and start seeing them come to fruition.

What ideas do you have germinating?

If you’re stuck, please get in touch. You know I hate to see people struggling, hence the video I made, you can see it here.

Reshaping our lives

As we reshape our lives and many of us will carry on working from home, I’m also very aware of the days and evenings merging into one!

One of the questions we’re discussing is,

How do you separate your home and work life now it’s all under one roof?

Some people I talk to love working from home, having found new routines and are embracing the changes they bring.

Others are struggling a bit with the same routine – work, eat, sleep, all at home, 24/7, is getting somewhat monotonous and they need more separation between working from home and home life. But how?

Do you dress for work?

I still like to get dressed and put make-up on the majority of the time. It puts me in the right mood and I’m ready to take calls, jump on a video call and I feel ready for work. Then after work, I change my clothes. That gives me some separation.

Time limits

Are you still responding to emails at 9 pm because they’re there? or do you have a cut off time? Or what time WOULD you like to stop responding to emails?

Sometimes I find it easier if I can’t see my laptop so I’m not tempted to log on, and ‘just see’ , because it can lead to much longer periods on the laptop in the evenings!

What other time limits do you need to give yourself?

What about your workspace?

If you’re lucky to have your own room in your house to work in, at the end of your working day:

1 Write down what you’ve achieved that day.
2 Out loud, say “thank you for a great day, good night, see you tomorrow!”
3 Shut the door behind you as you leave your office and enjoy the evening.

If you’re working in the lounge/outside / kitchen table, at the end of the day:

1 Write down what you’ve achieved that day. ( a wonderful reminder – gives you that positive feedback loop to your brain and a boost for tomorrow)
2 Pat yourself on the back, saying, ‘good job today’.
3 Close all tabs on your laptop, switch it off and put it out of sight for the evening. Always good to give our dear machines some rest!

You can see the common threads?

Noticing what you’ve achieved each day and saying thanks to yourself for working well. After all, if you had a good boss, they would thank you for a good day!

Go for a walk /run /play

We would usually then have a walk from our office / meeting place and head to the train station,  after our meetings, so go for a walk if you can.  Clear your head, do something else completely. Pop to your local park and sit in the sun. Take your kindle or book and have a read.

Call your friends after work while walking?

What top tips do you have to separate work from home life? This is a hot topic right now. Let’s discuss!

Ping me an email or come and tell us at our next AmberLife facilitated networking events.

Contacts and Coffee is on Thursday, 30th July at 2.30pm and Contacts and Cocktails on August 13th, 6pm.