Reflect, review, re-act blog to see more results in Q4 Blog by Jo James AmberLife

Reflect, review and re-act to propel your Q4 results

Data collecting. Data insights. Data, data, data! All we hear about nowadays is data! Have you checked the data that you collect over time? No, I’m not talking about GDPR, (phew!) I’m talking about the facts and figures you have collected over time in your business.

The facts and figures that will give you insights into WHAT you can do in Q4 to finish the year strong. So let’s have a look at this today and start planning ahead.


First, take a look at what you did in Q4 last year. What revenue did you achieve?

WHO booked more of your services? Existing or new clients?

And WHY? What was their reason for buying?


WHAT were your most popular services in Q4 2018?

Was there a seasonal offer you gave to your clients? Are these relevant to promote again in Q4 this year?

WHO can you get in touch with to see if they need you again this year?


Identify specifically, what you need do to get similar or better results in Q4 this year.

Who can you book a meeting with this week that needs your help in Q4?

Your Action Point today is to take some time to ponder on these questions and evaluate your data from your Q4 last year.

Would you like some help planning for Q4?

If you weren’t particularly happy with your Q4 results last year, let’s talk.

Get clarity in working out WHAT to prioritise in this year’s Q4 and HOW to achieve your goals. Please don’t sit there stewing, get in touch with me today and let’s arrange a time to talk. I’m here to help you.

To your success and happiness, reflect, review and re-act for more results in Q4.

Jo James

Your Business Coach who loves to help you #makeithappen