Are you ready to take action towards your goals or are you feeling overwhelmed? Blog by Jo James AmberLife

Are you ready to take action towards your goals or are you feeling overwhelmed?

I can help you.

Do you separate or chunk your annual targets and goals into quarters?  It works a treat.

Why do I recommend working in Quarters?

All the major companies I have worked with talk and refer to their business in Quarters. So I want to pass this on to you, so you get into the habit of using Quarters in your business too.

Business budgets and targets are also usually spoken in Quarters. You may have heard others use 90-day plans, which is similar in terms of time but most companies and organisations talk in Quarters. So you’ll be speaking their same language, and connect more.

Chunk it!

Chunk down a target so that it feels more manageable.  More do-able. Make it more attractive to you.  Test it and see.  In fact chunking down is one of the best ways to reduce many overwhelming feelings.  We can’t do everything at once can we?

After all, if you went to a restaurant and ordered a three-course meal, you wouldn’t expect it to arrive at the same time, would you?!

Breaking down your 2020 goals and To-Do Lists into bite-size chunks will help you to see things like steps and action points.

It stops you getting that feeling of “oh no, I’ll never achieve all that”.

Sometimes it’s simply that huge overwhelming feeling that stops people in their tracks and hinders them from moving forward.

If that’s you, take your goals and break them down into more manageable chunks, into Quarters first, then months. You can see clearly now what to do next.

And now feel how much easier it is to identify the next steps, and then, importantly, take action.

Let me know how this helps you, and if you want to talk more, email me here.

To your success and happiness,

Jo James x

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