Raise Your Game This Summer

Sales Savvy

I have a plan, listen up!

One of my subscribers to my Make Your Mondays Matter emails, knew she was spending time networking and lots of time on social media, but not really making enough money for her liking and asked me for my help. So I introduced her to one of my courses so she can get these skills cemented into her business over summer.

Summer can be one of the most fruitful times to build on your business success and she’s loving the clarity it’s bringing her while giving her a renewed confidence and a proven structure to follow, to build on her success even more.

What would you love to achieve by September? What are your plans for making the most of these summer weeks to boost your business? Do you have a plan?

Would you like me to show you how you can turn just under £300 into more than £3000 a month? £5K or £10K a month?

One of my clients, Angela, won £130,000 of NEW business in 10 months using the skills learned from my course. So a brilliant return on her investment of £295, wouldn’t you agree?

How much do you want to increase your turnover?

To help you grow your business, I’ve opened my online course for you to Get Sales Savvy, developed for you, from my 25+ years experience of building 6 and 7-figure businesses, to ultimately give you a simple strategy to follow, and importantly, to give you a MASSIVE confidence boost in the Sales element of your business.

Sales is THE vital skill you need to learn to stay in business and GROW your business. It doesn’t have to feel weird, off, or icky, or what ever expression you use. Come with me and instead I’ll help you feel confident and super-proud of yourself, your business and what you have to offer your clients and community.

Allow me to help de-mystify and de-clutter your worries around ‘selling’ so you can articulate your business, your value to others, and HOW YOU CAN win more business, month in, month out.

Are you charging enough?

I bet you’re not! You’re not alone, most business owners when I first meet them, aren’t. Inside the course, you’ll discover how to price your services with confidence.

Why am I so determined to help you do this?

I see too many people who are brilliant at what they do but aren’t making as much money as they thought they would when they started their own business. They need this skill. I don’t want them to have to go looking for other work, or part-time jobs. I want them to successfully grow their business and stay in business. As I want for you.

You will get CLARITY on how to start the conversations with prospects; how OFTEN is best to FOLLOW UP with people you’ve met, or after you’ve put in your proposals; HOW to close more business and have a PROCESS to regularly WIN new business. Consistently. Wouldn’t that feel good?

Let’s make your summer results sizzle and put yourself ahead of the game when September comes.

Whether you’ve been in business for years and would like to improve your skills and take your business to the next level, or if you’ve been spending a lot of time on marketing, but not making enough actual sales, then this is for you.

There’s worksheets, audio and emails, all delivered to your inbox, so you can study from there, in your summer dress or shorts and t-shirt!


The magic ingredient that previous clients have loved is how we can spend time together, talking about your business. Yep, talk to me!

As well as a Facebook group, you can phone me and talk to me, so you can get private help as well.

I’ll be here to give you sound advice and answer your questions. All part of my VIP service to you.

While being able to work through the exercises at your own pace, finding pockets of time to work ON your business, not just in it, by September you’ll be feeling super confident with your newly honed skills, you’ll discover THE BEST closing techniques my clients use regularly to close for new business, AND you’ll have more structure in place to boost your sales results even more in Autumn and beyond.

The Get Sales Savvy course is only £297 when you join today. How many clients do you need to convert to cover your investment? It’s a no-brainer right?!

Come and join me today, no time like the present! 

You’ll receive your first email today, to get you started.

I love working with clients on this course and hearing the aha moments, and pennies drop as they grow in confidence and sales know-how. I’m excited to help you too.

Would you like to join the summer school, feel more confident and make more sales?

Have a look here if you want more details and to read more of my clients’ successes.

To your success and happiness, get sales savvy with me, over summer. You and your business will thank you for taking the time.

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