Putting a spring in your step and sales for Q2 and beyond

It’s the first week in Q2, here we go!

How are your energy levels at the moment? Are you feeling the joys of Spring, or not yet? Some people are feeling quite stressed, and tired emotionally, are you?

I am working with a client who has suffered so much stress that she woke up one morning and couldn’t speak. Yes, a major part of her body, and brain, had shut down.

Stress mounts up. Please be careful. Remember you are the most important element in your business.

Make time for you. Work on what’s important.

Where in your schedule are you finding your energy levels being drained? What activities are you struggling to fit in during the week? Are you feeling pulled in different directions?

Get in touch here if you need help with your workload or time management and see what changes need to be made so you can move forward again with more ease and joy.

Looking at the wonderful nature around me; seeing the tiny figs showing, smelling the perfume from the orange and lime blossom so apparent in the air ( I wish we had scratch and sniff!) makes for a beautiful start to the day.

I’d love you to experience the beautiful Algarve on my Business Retreat, the super friendly and warm welcome from the Portuguese and the Algarve tastes, sights and wonderful feeling it brings.

Putting a spring in your step and sales for Q2 and beyond

Walking in this beautiful part of the world, taking in the big skies and nature is (an optional) part of the agenda on my Business Retreats.

My clients who came to Portugal in December loved the walks as you can see here and felt empowered and left with practical steps and a clear direction for their business and personal growth.

When can you prioritise a walk to see the new shoots and blooms? Or exercise at home if you prefer?

A quick walk or workout is a great way to start your day, giving you a smile of achievement early on, giving you a spring in your step for the rest of the day.

Feel the effects of the endorphins and serotonin, the feel-good chemicals we naturally produce, all helping to lower the stress chemical, cortisol. It certainly improves my mood throughout the week, and helps creativity flow.

Looking after the business owner has always been paramount in my work.

I’d love to share more energising ways to work that get the results you want to see in your business, and your life.

Get in touch to work with me privately, or have a look at the new Action Group for Q2 where we will work together to help you make more sales, and feel totally exhilarated and empowered at the end of Q2, with business blooming.

Imagine how good that will feel.

Check out the Action Group here, guaranteed to put a spring in your step, and your sales!


Putting a spring in your steps and sales for Q2 and beyond


I”m here to help you make changes as beautiful as I can for you.  Let’s nurture your potential.

Contact me if you want to see which of my services will suit you best, you don’t need to work it all out alone. I’m here for you, what are you struggling with? What do you want to change? Email me back today and we can arrange a clarity call.

To your success and happiness, make time for yourself, your business will thank you.

Jo James xx

Your Business Coach, empowering you to build your business and feel good doing it.

P.S. If you didn’t get time last week, check out your free guide to working out your Q1 Achievements here.

P.P.S. Do you need to re-energise your sales pipeline? Let’s have a chat to get clarity on your next steps to put a spring in your steps and sales. Let’s go!

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