A Proven Way To Kick Start Your 2018

Diary 2017

What does your diary look like for January 2018?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could already see a few meetings lined up for next year with your existing and potential clients?

Just imagine walking into your office next year, having a look at your diary and seeing appointments galore, set up already. Wouldn’t that feel good?

So start planning 2018 now to really kick-start your year.

Now’s the time to get in touch with those contacts you’ve recently made and those you’ve been meaning to call and want to catch up with again.

You will stand out and be different if you do this.
And win new client work.

“I called to say thank you. Your advice in your newsletters have made me a lot of money over the years. Especially the one where you say, fill your diary for January”

As you can see, one of my subscribers Danny, an IT Solutions Architect from Naturallycs.com, phoned me a couple of weeks ago to say thank you. He remembered it was time to start booking appointments for January as I advised in one of these newsletters a couple of years ago. And he’s done it every year, since then! It was a brilliant surprise to hear from him. He called to say thanks, as he has ALWAYS GAINED NEW CLIENT WORK in JANUARY doing THIS, EVERY year.

So your Action Point today…

…and your focus for the next couple of weeks is to take the next step and invite people to meet early next year.

Have a target.

Book in at least 5 appointments for January 2018, and the results will follow.

It will be a lot easier doing this now, rather than waiting ’til January when you and your clients are trying to get back into the swing of things too!

So, brighten up your diary and January will look hotter!

Go on, you know you want to.

Call me if you need me, I’m always happy to help,

To your success and happiness, kick-start your 2018 today.