Online Networking Contacts and Cocktails.

Live and Online facilitated networking by Jo James.

Calling all Solopreneurs and small business owners.

Join us in our Contacts and Cocktails Zoom Bar on Thursday, 11th November.

Empowering you to build your network, find your ideal clients and identify opportunities for you.

Join us online in our Zoom Bar to stay connected, talk business on purpose and make those all-important introductions and connections for you.

We’ve recently celebrated 7 years of facilitating these networking events!

How can we help you? What support do you need? Who would be a valuable contact for you this month?

Book on, tell me and I’ll introduce you to everyone and together, we’ll help you find who you’re looking for.

“These online events have worked really well, they’re a hive of resources and very helpful.” Cheryl Carter, Every Home Matters.

And there can be cocktails served to your door, or make your own and join us!

I’ve teamed up with the fabulous Microbarbox and Niche Cocktails, so we can deliver a box of cocktails of your choice, to your door!

On the cocktail menu this month, we have a

  • Strawberry Daiquiri – wild strawberries and tropical rum
  • Prosecco Box with Cointreau, prosecco, chocolate and coffee liqueur
  • Gin Trio Box – Pink Grapefruit, Elderflower, Blackberry.
  • Raspberry Cosmo – with Raspberries, Vodka and Cranberries
  • Gin and Tonics Box – with Hendricks and Whitley Neil Gins
  • Mocha Martini – espresso martini in a can. Just shake and pour!
  • Mocktail Box – non-alcoholic Seedlip Gins and Tonics.

When you book your ticket for the event, please select your cocktail box. They’re delicious!

Or make your own Cocktail or Mocktail and join us!

See the ticket for only £23 if you prefer to make your own cocktails or mocktails.

“What an amazing night, the best networking event that I have attended. Full of fun, energy and a fantastic group of people from all backgrounds, just being themselves making you feel so at ease.” Jo takes all the pressure off by introducing you and your business and is an expert at seeing potential, connecting you with other businesses and bringing in inspirational ideas for you.

She holds a great space for everyone, so we all have a chance to speak and connect with other people there. Thank you Jo!” Josie Truelove, Mind Detox Coach

Who would be a valuable contact for you this month?

During the online event, I facilitate networking and introduce you, so everyone understands your business, what help you need and who you’d like to be connected with. When you book your ticket, I’ll be in touch to find out who would be a good contact for you this month.

Tell me, who’s your ideal client? Let’s create new business opportunities for you this month, and beyond.

“I absolutely LOVED the structure of Contacts & Cocktails facilitated networking. The founder Jo James, introduces you to the group and shares who you are looking for. It was such a lovely friendly setting with lots of value and I’ve gained new business. Totally recommend Contacts & Cocktails.” Aarti Palmer, AP Brand Communications Ltd.

Looking forward to introducing you and your expertise to our community of like-minded business owners, a happy and helpful group!

Book your ticket here and we’ll see you soon in the Contacts and Cocktails Zoom Bar!

Can’t make this event?

Pop me your email address here and I’ll add you to the VIP list so you receive future invitations and my Monday newsletter, Make Your Mondays Matter. “An uplifting boost to start the week,” said Sarah Houldcroft, from Goldcrest Books.

What they say about Contacts and Cocktails

“Through becoming a regular attendee at Contacts and Cocktails I have been connected with some great people and organisations. Last summer, I was introduced to a company who since then I have worked on 11 projects so far!”

Wil Watts, Madam Geneva & Gent Experiences

“Thanks for tonight Jo. I absolutely loved it! The best networking event I have ever been to. Everyone was there to support everyone else. Really great community and group of people. I’m so glad I was there” 

Tara Chatzakis, Executive Coach and Spiritual Alignment Mentor

Being a sole business owner can be lonely at times and the idea of going out and drumming up new business can be quite daunting. Contacts and Cocktails is like a breath of fresh air! Jo James has an incredible chemistry with her clients; her bubbly personality makes everyone feel welcome and relaxed (as do the cocktails)! Meeting with like-minded, supportive professionals you are instantly put at ease, which makes for a great evening of friendly networking.  Most importantly of all, there’s no need to stand up and present your business, as Jo does this for you! Introducing you and addressing the whole group so that everyone can hear. Her business coaching skills and passion for helping others succeed abound as do her drive and enthusiasm to encourage you to “live the dream“.

Cheryl Carter Every Home Matters

If you struggle with working out who would benefit from meeting you, Jo will do this for you. The events are great.  Networking made easy.” 

Cheryl Laidlaw, London Web Girl.

“Thanks Jo, what a great event. It was seamless networking as you facilitated it so smoothly for us all. I met a lot of new interesting people and was able to hook a couple of them up with new contacts. I’m looking forward to attending another one soon” 

Jo Tocher, Wellbeing Coach

I look forward to seeing you there. It’s going to be a good night!

Any questions, please call me on +447968 016585 or email me

Sign up here to be invited to future Contacts and Cocktails networking events, I look forward to seeing you soon.