Marketing in March

Are you ready to fly into March with your marketing mapped out? Or are you a little confused with what to focus on next to bring in your desired revenue?

Let’s have a look where it will be best to focus your time, to help you get more results.

It might not be another new thing to start, but rather doing something more consistently, being more intentional and committing to it regularly.

What needs doing more consistently?

More regular or daily social media posting to your favourite platform?

Write a blog and publish it on your site each week?

Write to your list of subscribers, more often?

Attend one more virtual networking event each week or each month?

Create a video a week and start growing your YouTube account?

Do an IG live each week?

and now there’s Clubhouse!

Stop the Overwhelm. Breathe!

Yes, there are so many options aren’t there. OMG, there’s always something new to do AND you’re probably already busy working with clients.

But you still want to raise your profile and make more money, don’t you?

So, to stop the overwhelming feeling of having to be everywhere, all the time, may I suggest this.

Choose just ONE more thing to focus on and do consistently in March. Then you can track the results you gained from that one extra thing you did.


Take action.


Track the results.


What’s the ONE thing you want to do more consistently in March?

Do a little research, review your current marketing.

What needs to be done more consistently?

Have a look this week and choose ONE thing!

If you’re stuck, get in touch by emailing me today, I’m here to help and support you.

To your success and happiness,

Jo James
Your Business Coach, empowering you to take action and make more sales.