Business Networking in London.

“Contacts and Cocktails” is coming to you Live and Online for facilitated networking by Jo James

I’m committed to supporting you and enabling you to continue to see each other, feel connected and identify opportunities and give help and support to one another in these challenging times.

As social gatherings are on hold, I have put things in place so we can continue to meet for Contacts and Cocktails, an alternative option so you, the business owner can stay connected and feel more in control in these next few months.

I have some exciting news for you! So we can carry on supporting each other and talk business on purpose,

Contacts & Cocktails will be LIVE and ONLINE on Thursday, 9th April 2020.

I really want to make sure that you continue to keep connected more than ever, in this period of unprecedented social isolation, which is naturally having an impact on business and mindset.

To help you,

Join me for Contacts and Cocktails from home.

Come and join us online, so we can all see each other, talk, laugh, network and help each other and our find out what brilliant new offerings people have created and how we can help you

I’ll introduce you and your business. Tell me who you’re looking for and what help you need right now so we can help each other through this.

And of course, there will be cocktails served to your door!

Cocktails? Of course there will be cocktails!

I’m teaming up with the fabulous Kate and her company Microbarbox, so we can deliver cocktails to your door.

Do you prefer a Kir Royale box or Gin and Tonics box?

Each box has 2 double measures, mixers and snacks for a good night in!

I’ll be in touch to take your order and find out who you’re looking for, what will help you now and what you need over the next few months.

I’m excited to do this and hope you’ll join me!

Book your place today and I’ll see you live and online Thursday, April 9th.

During the online event, I facilitate the networking and introduce you, so everyone understands your business, what help you need and who you’d like to be connected with.

Book on today and we’ll see you online soon!


Can’t make this event? Pop me your email address here and I’ll add you to the list so you receive future invitations and my Monday newsletter, Make Your Mondays Matter. “An uplifting boost to start the week” said Sarah, one of our network.


If you’ve just found out about this event for the first time, this is the original Contacts and Cocktails event I have been facilitating for over 5 years now, which I will continue to serve and adapt to suit you.

I’d love to help create some opportunities for you and bring everyone together. 

What new help do you need right now?

Are you looking for a new client, a new supplier, or specialists for a project? Come and tell me!

Meet new contacts, sip cocktails and relax!

  • Maybe you’ve seen posts or heard about Contacts and Cocktails and are looking forward to joining us?
  • Or you want to go networking but you find the thought of introducing yourself to potential clients quite daunting?
  • Would you like a refreshing way to network where the introductions are made for you?

Great! You’re in the right place.

“It’s the most productive few hours of networking I’ve ever had,” said Vicki Baumann, Digital Printer at Alphaset

How is this networking event different?

As well as enjoying cocktails while you meet and mingle with other guests, I will facilitate the networking evening, taking any stress or worries away for you.  No need for you to stand up and present. You can relax while I do the work!

During the evening

  • You will get time to meet new contacts and develop your relationships with those you already know.
  • You can relax and enjoy me facilitating the evening for you, as I will introduce you to the group and share your expertise.
  • You’ll meet other like-minded business owners and executives who share their contacts. It’s a fun and productive evening.

Allow me to help find the contacts you are looking for and make the introductions for you.

“Through becoming a regular attendee at Contacts and Cocktails I have been connected with some great people and
organisations. Last summer, I was introduced to a company who since then I have worked on 11 projects so far!” Wil Watts, Madam Geneva & Gent Gin Experiences.  

Here’s a quick video so you can have a peek into Contacts and Cocktails

Created by Gordon O’ Neill at Making Video Work, a regular visitor to Contacts and Cocktails. Thanks again Gordon!

“Boy, was last night fun, Jo! What a lovely crowd of people you attract. I always leave on such a high. Thank you! xxx – Claire Norwood, Property Investor and Developer. 

Come and experience networking, Jo James style!

on Thursday 9th April 2020 starting at 6 pm ’til 9 pm

The link to the event will be emailed to you with your booking confirmation and I will be in touch to take your cocktail order!

Looking forward to introducing you and your expertise to our online event.

Book your ticket today and we’ll see you soon.

What they say about Contacts and Cocktails

“Through becoming a regular attendee at Contacts and Cocktails I have been connected with some great people and
organisations. Last summer, I was introduced to a company who since then I have worked on 11 projects so far! Jo James’ facilitated networking means you are guaranteed a great introduction to all the attendees. By taking the pressure off you to deliver the perfect sales pitch the event allows you to relax, sip gorgeous cocktails and meet fab people.” Wil Watts, Event Organiser

“I attend a variety of networking groups. Each group has its own structure and agenda. I absolutely LOVED the structure of Contacts & Cocktails facilitated networking. It was facilitated networking, which means the founder Jo James, introduces you to the group and shares what you are looking for. It was such a lovely informal friendly setting with lots of value for the time you spend there and a lovely group of people, open to men and women. Totally would recommend Contacts & Cocktails.” Aarti Palmer, Branding Expert at AP Brand Communications Ltd.

Being a sole business owner can be lonely at times and the idea of going out and drumming up new business can be quite daunting. Contacts and Cocktails is like a breath of fresh air! Jo James has an incredible chemistry with her clients; her bubbly personality makes everyone feel welcome and relaxed (as do the cocktails)! Meeting with like-minded, supportive professionals within a less formal and probing environment, you are instantly put at ease, which makes for a great evening of friendly networking.  
Most importantly of all, there’s no need to stand up and present your business, as Jo does this for you! Introducing you and addressing the whole group so that everyone can hear. Her business coaching skills and passion for helping others succeed abound as do her drive and enthusiasm to encourage you to “live the dream“.  Cheryl Carter  Every Home Matters

If you struggle with working out who would benefit from meeting you, Jo will do this for you. The events are great.  Networking made easy.” Cheryl Laidlaw, London Web Girl. 

“Thanks Jo, what a great event. It was seamless networking as you facilitated it so smoothly for us all. I met a lot of new  interesting people and was able to hook a couple of them up with new contacts. I’m looking forward to attending another one soon”  Jo Tocher, Wellbeing Coach 

I look forward to seeing you there. It’s going to be a good night! Any questions, please call me on 07968 016585 or email me

Sign up here to be invited to future Contacts and Cocktails networking events, I look forward to seeing you soon.