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How are you getting on preparing for GDPR? Many businesses and providers are still working behind-the-scenes to become compliant.

You’ve probably received many emails from businesses but how are you getting on?

GDPR is all about HOW businesses collect, store, use and share our data and their reasons for doing so.

As consumers, the new GDPR Regulations are a good thing. We won’t be on the receiving end of so much spam and our details will absolutely NOT be able to be sent to third parties, or partners without us ‘consenting’ that they can have and process our data in the manner they describe.

As business owners, we will need to record, clearly explain and where needed get consent across our websites, emails, newsletters to collect, share and use Personal Data, including employees.

If you haven’t yet started your GDPR prep, here’s 5 steps to kick start it today.

1. Check what Personal Data you’re collecting from where and how your sharing and storing it. Check with your email Provider (like Gmail, Apple Mail, Office 365 etc ) and Email Marketing Provider (Constant Contact, Mailchimp, Ontraport etc) to see what tools they have to help. I found the GDPR status on their FAQ sections!

2.  Check your website’s Plug-In GDPR status.  Make a list of all your Plug-Ins on your website – and know which ones are collecting data or storing data or possibly further sharing it. There’s a WordPress Plug-In coming soon that will help us.

3.  What other suppliers do you use to run your business?  What’s their status for GDPR? Do you share Personal Data with them? Do you have contracts in place with them all?

4. Update your Website Privacy Policy, add a Data Protection Policy to reflect the new Data Subjects Rights and be able to respond when asked to access their data across all your suppliers and 3rd party Processors.

5. Don’t panic!

I know a man who can help us! My husband Mark James from Mitigate GDPR is an experienced GDPR Practitioner having now completed GDPR compliance projects with many of his own clients.
So if you’re stuck and you want to ask Mark any questions, please get in touch.

Help is here. 

I sent out a GDPR Worksheet to the subscribers of my #MondayMotivation emails, called, Make Your Mondays Matter. Would you like it too? THERE IS A WORKSHEET FOR YOU  to get started.

The first stage today, we’re focusing on your suppliers.

You need to know ALL your  3rd Party Suppliers or Processors managing Personal Data, on your behalf. There are ‘Completion Guidelines’ on the first page of the Worksheet.  So check it out here and start filling it out!!

Share with anyone you think might need it.  There will be more helpful GDPR stuff coming soon, I’ve got your back.

Sign Up here to get more clear Action Steps to get GDPR compliant and Make Your Mondays Matter. 

As Mark says, don’t panic! 25th May is really the starting date GDPR becomes enforceable and there’s bound to be hundreds if not thousands of companies that won’t be fully compliant by 25th May.

BUT, you have to start doing something about GDPR now, so the sooner you start preparing, the better!

We’re here to help you work through this and become GDPR compliant, so please get in touch if you’re stuck.

Contact Me today and I’ll put you in touch with Mark, or email him directly

To your success and happiness, don’t panic, start on the worksheet today!

Jo James
Your Business Coach who loves to help you make it happen.