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Introducing Flyte, the new clean energy drink.

Do you like trying new things? I’ve been involved in a new collaboration and wanted to share it with you today.
Business is all about relationships and your customers and clients are looking for brands that align with their values.

Telling your story in your Marketing is a great way for customers to connect with you, and someone else talking about you and your brand is even better!

Word of mouth has always been one of the most powerful marketing methods and social proof is key to success. It’s recently taken on a new twist because social media and blogs have the ability to greatly improve your brand’s reach.

Have you heard of Influencer Marketing?

It’s the new popular way to connect with more of your ideal clients, through the power of other people’s blogs and social media.

On Instagram, you may have seen #ad which people now need to add to their hashtags if they are advertising something for a brand.

One of the companies who approached me that stood out is FLYTE Drinks.

Flyte, the new Clean Energy Drink is made from organic caffeine, and I was pleasantly surprised I could read and pronounce ALL their natural ingredients! Flyte drinks are Non GMO, carbon positive and has Shizandra and Maca Root in it for an extra clean boost. So I was interested to read more.

They approached me to help after reading one of my blogs Are any of These Stopping You Being Super-Effective and asked me if I’d be willing to sample their new drinks and help spread the word for the launch of their new company and brand.

First I’m flattered that they liked my blogs, it means my SEO is working well and my writing hits the spot, so I thought I’d dive in and find out more.

This is why I agreed to help FLYTE:

1. They have a bright, fresh, clean website and a strong brand that connected with me as soon as I saw it.

2. They are clear on their target market  – busy professionals – and their copy is spot on.

3.  They are based in London which connects with me and my community.  I’d love them to come to one of my networking events so we can meet the face behind the brand.

4. After receiving three of their rather handsome bottles, I can say their drink is a fresh new alternative to our beloved cup of coffee!  Flyte is a fruity clean energy drink powered by natural caffeine, nothing artificial, and is less than 60 calories!

I’ll definitely put a few in the fridge as they’ll be a good natural pick-me-up that as busy professionals, we know we all need!

The drinks arrived at my virtual office in Piccadilly while I was working with one of my new clients Danny Heading, who runs an IT Support company, Naturally Computer Services. He’s brilliant, and his team are always there if you need help with your Mac or PC, keeping your business running, so you can run your business.

Are you being influenced Blog featuring Flyte Drinks by Jo James AmberLife

From a marketing point of view, Flyte are spot on. Aren’t those bottles gorgeous?

And from a relationship building point of view, I loved their friendly introductory email and the way they made it easy for me to get involved.

Who do you want to attract?

Are you making it easy for people to get involved in sharing your latest business product or service to the world?

Is your website copy, blogs and social media speaking to your ideal clients with impact?  Are they taking action?

Perhaps it’s time for a review?  Get in touch if you’d like a fresh perspective on your marketing messages. I’d love to help you.

To your success and happiness,

Jo James xx

Your Business Coach who loves to help you make it happen.