Instagram Tips to get more reach and engagement

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Let talk today about choosing great images for your Social Media to help you stop your follower’s thumb from scrolling past your posts! This can be used for Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, which ever is your preferred social network.

I’m talking about Instagram here, as it’s a platform NOT to be ignored.

As Instagram is owned by Facebook, it’s pretty much guaranteed it’s longevity as a platform to invest your time in, and after reading some amazing stats on a blog from Entrepreneur Inc, I had to share these tips with you today.

Instagram is now an essential part of your LONG TERM Strategy.

Instagram is a great place to promote your personal brand, your business, your behind the scenes stories.

Here’s a snapshot of mine, so far!

Jo James Amber Instagram

As well as seeing you, your business and behind-the-scenes pictures, it’s important to post images of what your ideal clients and followers are interested in.

So, you need to apply proven, client-attracting Marketing techniques to help you identify great images to post on Instagram.

Think of your ideal client and step into their shoes for a moment.

What would they love to see in their feed? You need to stop them scrolling, to see and read your posts.

What are your ideal clients attracted to in their business, career, lifestyle?

WHAT and WHERE inspires them, that’s still related to your business?

What do they ASPIRE to have, to be, to own, in their lives?

What QUOTES would they love to see that you feel would motivate them, inspire them, and make a positive change to their mindset?

What success stories can you tell them? You can make a ‘Testimonial’ image using WordSwag and post it for us to see.

Take some time today to see how you can incorporate new ideas for images, to help you attract more of your ideal clients on their journey to work with you.

Tell your story. Inspire your clients. Have fun!

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Top Tip1: Choose the same one or two filters on Instagram, so you have an
overall look and feel to your brand.

Top Tip 2: Set yourself up as a business profile and you’ll be able to see your Insights and how they account is working for you. Great information too if you’re going to do ads in the future.

Top Tip 3: Be Consistent. Instagram recommends posting once a day, or commit to posting three times a week to get started. Be consistent so your followers look forward to your posts.

As is my mantra to help you gain more clients with your Sales and Marketing efforts, is to Be Consistent. Check out my blog from last Monday if you missed it, talking about Consistency and How to Improve Your Reach and Engagement.

There will be another AmberLife Instagram Challenge starting soon, so create an Instagram account today and get ready to join in and boost your followers.

To your success and happiness!

Jo James xx