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What Impact do Women have in the World of Technology?

At Techerati’s collaboration with Funny Women’s HERlarious on March 12th 2019, the panel was asked, “What impact do women have in the world of technology?”

As the panel was a business woman who set up a bank, a female leader in blockchain, a business woman in Forensics with an OBE, it was quite clear to me from the panel line up, women in technology bring talent, vision for change and expertise.

The panel’s answers to the question, “What impact do women have in the world of technology?” included “products and services will be developed for the whole population, not just one side” and “we ask the really obvious questions and that’s a good thing” and “ it’s very important to have a different view, especially in AI”

What would you say?

Let’s continue to encourage more women to work in tech. “Being a coder isn’t the only job in tech to have. The industry also needs female designers, data scientists and managers to enable a more balanced society in the future” Richard Freeman PHD.

“So tell your success stories you have about women in technology and break down the stereotypes,” said Sarah Williams-Gardener.

Thanks to Lynne Parker, CEO and founder of Funny Women for showcasing her #funnywomen HERlarious event for #iwd2019 and the brilliant panel Genevieve Leveille (Blockchain Leader),  Sarah Williams-Gardener (CEO Starling Bank),  Kirsty Cooke (facilitator) Deb Leary OBE (CEO Forensic Pathways Ltd) and Richard Freeman PHD (JustGiving). ⠀

For more info about Funny Women, have a look at the Funny Women website and contact Lynne Parker if you are interested in finding out more about HERlarious events and Funny Women’s brilliant comedy nights and workshops to kick start or hone your comedy journey.


A nod to the World Wide Web being 30 years old today. And I learned the first programmer was a woman, Ada Lovelace, tell your daughters! #womenintech #stem #datascience#design #doit.

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