Congratulations! You’ve chosen to start your own business or have an idea for a new business you want to create.  Your journey begins now, buckle up and enjoy the ride!

As a Start-Up or Solopreneur working by yourself can at times become difficult.  Maybe you feel stuck, isolated and demotivated?      Or you’ve started well but now you would appreciate someone to help you prioritise your time, learn new skills for success and get moving again with your goals and dreams.

To build your business from your ideas I can help you

  1. Create an action plan and prioritise your next steps
  2. Focus on your action points and learn how to implement these for success
  3. Get organised and use your time wisely
  4. Overcome any limiting beliefs and fears
  5. Present yourself and your business with confidence.
  6. I will motivate and support you through it all to turn your Ideas to Invoices
  7. To make a difference to you and your business, let’s do it!

I’m excited for you, can you tell?!  Passion runs deep and I know how it feels to have that dream and go for it. To take that bravestep.  There is generally so much to do when you start up  in the first few years and having a business coach to work with you gives you time and expertise.

Time to highlight your priorities and opportunities in your business and time to look after yourself.  De-stress.  Prioritise.  And with your drive, determination and passion, your focus will be the key to your success.  F.O.C.U.S. is the new F word!

If you want to really make it happen, take action and start your journey today with “Ideas to Invoices” my specialised Coaching programme to grow your new business and feel good along the way.

AmberLife will help you focus, plan and grow your business from your “Ideas to Invoices”

to discuss your situation further and we’ll book a time to meet and get started.

Tel: 020 8336 0886, Mobile: 07968 016 585  Email:

A couple of Client Testimonials from the AmberLife “Ideas to Invoices” coaching programme.

‘Jo is amazingly perceptive and supportive. She’s been with me since the early days of my start-up, and has seen my business grow and me grow with it.  She has played a key role in that growth, enabling me to give my goals definition, clarity and focus.’  Sheree Lowe, Virtual Assistant. Sundowner VA

“After meeting Jo in the British Library and hitting it off straight away, I have now been working with Jo for nearly six months. I can honestly say I don’t think I would have achieved half as much as I have, had I been doing this alone. It’s really fantastic to work with someone that matches my enthusiasm and dynamism. Little Lou has been an idea in my head for over two years and Jo has been the catalyst for me going out and getting it done! She has given me so much confidence and has helped me focus, gain clarity and prioritise. She is a great sounding board and is always on the end of the phone to chat things through. Little Lou is very much a better company for having had Jo as an advisor and coach and I would be happy to recommending her to anyone who wants to grow their business.”

I am here to help you launch your new business idea today.