Wow, we’ve nearly finished Q1 2019.

From all your hard work, tenacity and efforts, I encourage you to take a look and see what you’ve achieved in Q1.

I believe it’s very important to acknowledge how far you’ve come on your entrepreneurial journey. We all get tired if we just keep chasing goals, as I wrote about in a blog, Stop and Eat the Carrots. 

Your Action Point is to notice what you’ve achieved in Q1. 

I bet you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Today I invite you to write down what you have achieved so far this year.

Here are some questions to get you started…

1.  What projects have you started and how far have you got with them? Be honest with your account of your progress.  It will truly help you gauge when you’ll be able to finish them.  Things usually take longer than expected when creating something new, so it’s good to see what you’ve achieved so far.  Then re-adjust and set new time frames to finish them.

2.  What was the one thing that you feared before, but now you’ve done it?  Always a major achievement in my book – doing something that scared you. It’s huge! Well done, treat yourself for doing it

3.  What has been your biggest improvement in the WAY you work? What changes did you make? Did you schedule your time differently to achieve more in your day?

4.  What does your revenue look like? After giving yourself a push in the last few weeks, how do your results compare to the targets you set for Q1?

5.  What offline and online activities gave you more leads and enquiries? This will help you define where you spend your time in Q2. You can reflect on your popular posts, what subject headers gave you the highest open rates? See what results and new contacts you made at your Networking Events.

6.  What are you most pleased to have achieved?  

Whether you think they are main achievements or small things you have done to get closer to your goals, each step matters, they all count.  Recognise them.  They are important to you. Value your actions. Your ability. Your efforts. Your wins. Your learnings.

Top Tip: Get into the habit of regularly recognising what you’ve achieved. 

Writing an ‘Achievement List’ is a great motivator.  You can always write an Achievement List at the end of each day, or each week if you like. It certainly helps give a different perspective and a boost to your confidence if you look at what you’ve achieved, not just what’s still left to do.

Have a great day and finish Q1 with confidence and clarity to help you achieve your Q2 goals. And please do treat yourself for working so hard. You deserve it!

To your success and happiness,

Jo James xx

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