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How to Stop the Overwhelm to Create More Results

Are you ready to fly in Quarter 2 with everything mapped out? Or are you a little confused with what to focus on next to bring in your desired revenue?  Let’s have a look where it will be best to focus your time, to help you get more results.

First off, take a more aerial view of your marketing.  

What needs starting or improving? 
More regular or daily social media posting to your favourite platform?

Write a blog and publish it on your site each week?

Write to your list of subscribers, more often?

Attend one more networking event each month?

Pick up The Phone to prospective clients more regularly?

Create a video and start growing your YouTube account?

Do a facebook live each week?

Stop the Overwhelm. Breathe! 

Yes, there are so many options aren’t there. OMG, there’s always something new to do AND you’re you’re probably already busy working with clients.

But you still want to grow your business and make more money, don’t you?

So, to stop the overwhelming feeling of having to be everywhere, all the time, may I suggest this.

Choose just ONE more thing to focus on and do consistently in Q2. Then you can track the results you gained from that one extra thing you did.

One of my clients was very busy working on a client’s site in Q1, and so couldn’t do everything she wanted to do in terms of sales and marketing.

So she chose just ONE more thing to do – she picked up the phone each week to prospects. That one action helped her arrange new meetings and win new business. Consistency is key to success. She exceeded her targets in Q1.

Which ONE tactic can you focus on doing consistently?

Do this ONE more thing THIS Quarter.  What will it be?

To help you make it happen, look at your diary and see where you can put in the time each week.

SCHEDULE it in your diary to make it happen. 

Consistency in your actions is key to your success.


Take action.



If you need my help I’d be delighted to help you work out what your ONE consistent action should be in Q2.

All designed to help you get more results, fast. 

Get in touch with me today. I’m here to help you succeed even more.

To your success and happiness, here’s to a sparkly Q2 ahead 🙂

Jo James
Your Business Coach who loves to help you make it happen.

P.S. Need 60 minutes of my time to get clear and feel energised again? Book a Power Hour with me here and let’s make headway on your business, together. From your desk to mine, we can talk over the phone or meet over skype/facetime, whatever you prefer, I’m here to help you get clear and energised in ONE hour.

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