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How to kick-start your September Sales results Now

With September around the corner, I have 1 x Top Tip for you to work on this week to help you make more sales in the coming months.

While some of your clients might be away on holiday or if you’re finding it hard to get hold of people, take this time to work on your business and prepare ahead for September.

Who’s a perfect match for you?

Spend some time researching revenue sources and identifying companies that potentially, are your perfect clients. 

During a business coaching session with one of my clients, the wonderful Wil Watts Events Director, from taking the time to research and dive deep into this question we identified 2 brilliant new revenue sources for him to explore.  I love identifying new revenue sources for my clients, it’s one of my superpowers!

Yay, Wil has already smashed his £goal for 2018 and is now co-launching his second business Madam Geneva & Gent Gin Experiences.  Working with the fabulous Emma Parker from Coutours they entertain us with the Scandalous History of Gin and introduce new Gins to our world, which we love! Exciting times ahead. I’ll keep you posted on some of their events. I’m so proud of their hard work and commitment, and the results are brilliant 🙂

Be curious

Have a go at the exercise above and see what happens.  Be kind to yourself.

Yes, it will probably take you a good few hours but preparation is key to success.

Need help identifying your perfect match?

If you need my help, please get in touch today and let’s arrange a time to talk, or book yourself straight into my diary for a Power Hour here and get clear and energised.

To your success and happiness,

Jo James  xx

Your Business Coach who loves to help you significantly increase your sales.