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How to feel more in control in these challenging times

Amidst all the stressful news and changes happening around us, let’s focus on your business and what you can control.

Setting goals and setting your intention will help you feel more in control and give you clarity, focus, and direction.

What do you want to achieve this month?

What’s your monetary target?

What project do you want to start, or finish?

Write your goals down, and let’s set a positive intention for the month ahead and focus on what you can change and influence.

In these challenging times, with energy bills piling up and estimates arriving with huge increases, we must dig deep to work smarter, not harder.

To help ease the stress from external extremes, focus more on what you CAN control, and less on what you can’t.

Easier said than done sometimes I know but focusing more on what you can control, does help to relieve some of the stress and worry.

And putting yourself in the best ‘state’ possible will allow you to feel calmer and more in control to handle the situation, and help you take proactive action toward your goals.

Incorporating NLP techniques into my sales training and coaching sessions helps my clients feel more relaxed and more confident as they go about their day and build their businesses.

NLP is a brilliant business and personal development set of tools, creative in its approach, making change easier, and fun to do!

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