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How to Build Rapport with Care

When we were children, my Mum and Dad used to be hairdressers and owned their own salon in Bristol, growing the business from scratch to a successful busy salon with a team of 10 Senior Hairdressers plus Juniors. I grew up in the salon and loved going in there after school as often as I could and remember the Staff Room conversations I overheard when listening to the Stylist’s weekends. That was an education!!!

A smiling pebble makes all the difference

I used to help Dad on Saturdays and some of the summer holidays. It was great fun, hard work, but I learned my Dad’s secret – that the Customer’s experience is THE key to success.

The customer’s experience and the level of service they receive has one of the biggest impacts on everyone.  It’s like dropping a smiling pebble in a still lake and seeing the ripple effect of good cheer spread throughout the day and THAT is what makes a HUGE difference to everyone’s day = the impact that goes towards the success of your business.

Importantly, it’s the customer’s experience with you that influences repeat business, referrals and recommendations to your business.  

What first impressions are you making?

When you pick up the phone, take a breath in and out, and smile, then answer the phone and notice the difference it makes.  Whether it’s you who answers,  your receptionist or if you outsource to an answering service, the way the phone is answered will influence the outcome of the conversation.

#1 Top Tip – Listen carefully.  It makes all the difference. 

Listen more to the person on the phone and deepen the connection you have.

Likewise, when you’re calling someone, take a breath in and out, and smile and listen carefully to HOW they answer the phone to you.  This will help you determine if it is a good time to have a good conversation, or do you need to rearrange for another time?

You can tell if someone’s in a rush, or stressed, or impatient when they answer the phone to you, can’t you?

Listen more to HOW they sound, and respond accordingly.  They will appreciate you picking up on their tone of voice, and you’ll be more in rapport already.  Helping you on your journey to develop the relationship with them and ultimately, make more sales.

What can you do now?

Your Action Point is to consider where you can improve your customer’s experience from the very first point of contact they have with you. Remember it’s about providing a 5* Customer Experience. 

It worked well for my Dad, my businesses and my client’s businesses and I’m sure it will work well for you too.

If you want to talk to me more about improving your customer’s experience or have a business dilemma you need help with may I invite you to book a Power Hour with me and let’s improve the impact you’re having? 

I’m here to help you level up your business.


Jo James