Customer Engagement Steps

I wanted to ask you today what journey does your customer take when they find you online?  And importantly, how can you capture their attention and convert more site visitors?

I had a very exciting request last week from a new customer and had to share with you how she found me.

First Anastasia spotted me on LinkedIn.  Then, she visited my website and signed up to my newsletter, Make Your Mondays Matter.

This took her 3 steps, so far.

After receiving it for 2 weeks and enjoying my style and helpful content, she emailed me to see how I can help her grow her business.  Nothing different about that you may think but she lives in Russia, just outside Moscow.

Thanks to the wonders of technology, I’m able to help her build her business over skype. Giving her Power Hours to get clear on her online strategy to make more sales. Brilliant!

Anastasia specialises in Translating Websites and Legal documents. So if you need these kind of services, take a look at her website here and send her a message.

Are you making the most of your website and online tools to help you grow your business?

Your Action Point today is to take the journey your customers make online and see where the gaps are. 

Are you making it easy for customers to connect with you?  Where can you improve your online sales and marketing strategy to help you convert more clicks into clients?

What new online tools do you need to use?

How can technology help you with your plans for growth?

If you’d like to get a clear Online Strategy to boost your conversions, just reply to this email today and let’s book a time to talk. Even if you’re not in Russia we can still meet over skype! All from the comfort of your own home, I’d love to help you close those gaps.  See you soon for a Power Hour to help you grow your business. 🙂

To your success and happiness,

Jo James