Is your sales pipeline looking healthy or is it in need of a dramatic boost?

Are you fed up with peaks and troughs in your income?

Are you shying away from making that call, following up with that lead or getting stuck with how to generate more business?

I can help you.  

Introducing my super results-proven online course for you to

‘Get Sales Savvy’ and win new business.

I have devised a brilliant client winning system; it takes the pain out of selling, making it easy to do month after month, to get the results that you want to see in your business. I’ve used it to create my own 6 and 7 figure businesses and hundreds of my private clients have used it to grow their businesses too.

Why do you need this?

If you’re a business owner, or involved in sales, without an effective sales or business development strategy in place many businesses are missing opportunities. They’re not making the most of their networking, not seeing a return on their marketing, and they’re not following up on leads (even when it’s handed to them on a plate!)

Sales is THE vital skill to learn to help you turn your time and efforts into gaining new clients and growing your business.

So, if you feel like you’re not making the money you want to see in your business and you know you can do more with a little help, or you want to see just how much EXTRA you can earn in 6 weeks during the course, get on board and Get Sales Savvy!

“I earned £10,000 in 28 days after Jo’s sales training” said Lisa B, a web designer who is one of hundreds of clients I’ve taught over the years to feel good, sell with integrity and significantly increase their sales.

This is how we will work together…

Over 6 weeks, I will send you business boosting emails with my super effective 7 step sales process, sales secrets, techniques, templates and resources to use, for life.  

All in manageable, actionable steps. 

Giving you time to implement the strategy, practise the techniques and get feedback as you develop your sales skills and

feel more confident.

I’ve set up a facebook group so I’ll be there to keep you on track and you can inspire each other and share your stories as you go on this journey together.


Your Live Q&A call with me. 

Giving you time to ask me questions about your sales activity in your business. Giving you immediate feedback and advice, empowering exercises and tweaks to improve your performance, so you get results and feel more confident.

My savvy sales strategy can be used each month,
to seriously grow your business.

 One of my clients, Angela, who followed my savvy sales process gained

£130,000 of EXTRA new business in 10 months #result

Your investment is only £545.00 to get started on making more sales and seeing your business dreams become reality.

YOU CAN SAVE £200 and pay ONLY £345 when you buy it today

Giving you clear steps, I’ll guide you to take action so you make great progress and break through those barriers.

All designed for you to significantly increase your sales ability to get REAL results.

Get Sales Savvy Testimonial from Cory Cook

Do you want to make a confident leap in your sales now?

After the course you will have..

Clarity, focus, and a whole new range of practical sales and mindset skills to feel more confident to  propel you and your business forward.

You will know which steps to take to transform your business and feel happier with your client retention and sales know-how.

I make sales palatable and do-able.  So you get results.

Are you ready to take your sales skills from good to great?

Save £200 when you buy the Early Bird Ticket today and Get Sales Savvy

Here’s what you will get:

tick-amberlife My easy-to-implement 7 step “anti-sales” strategy that gets REAL results, fast. Win more clients with ease.

tick-amberlife Clarity on what to do when, and a fantastic method to feel motivated so you can take action.

tick-amberlife How to condense what you do into a great introduction that is easy to understand, grabs the attention of your ideal clients, and makes them want to learn more about you.

tick-amberlife THE best way to close and ask for the business without feeling uncomfortable or being pushy.

tick-amberlife Focus on how to turn your networking and marketing activities into new business opportunities.

tick-amberlife Worksheets and extra resources to keep you motivated, focused and can work with regularly to greatly improve your sales activity and win new business.

We will meet in a private Facebook Group

AND the magic ingredient…

You’ll have Live Q & A during the course to get your questions answered.

All designed for you to get the best value from this course as you Get Sales Savvy.

Taking action feels good, doesn’t it.  It fuels your passion for your business, you’ll feel good knowing you have taken positive steps forward to build your business. And the results will follow.

Here are 3 BIG reasons why it’s good for you and your business to join this online course and Get Sales Savvy:

1. You’ll be able to STOP asking yourself each week, ‘where am I going to get more business from?’. Learn WHAT to do, WHEN and HOW OFTEN is best to follow up and HOW to win more of the business that you want to be doing.

2. PROVEN STRATEGIES THAT WORK A TREAT: My clients have doubled and tripled their income in a short space of time. One delegate won £22,000 of new business in one month after implementing my 7 steps.  Another lady won £130,000 of EXTRA new business in 12 months.

Would you like to do that too?

3. YOU WILL FEEL MORE CONFIDENT: You will feel more capable, confident and more in control of your business. You’ll be prepared to answer queries, follow up, and confidently ask for the business and hear YES!

The course will be delivered into your inbox over 6 weeks, giving you time to implement the strategy and exercises.

 PLUS you will get one to one support from me when we get together for Live Q & A in a Power Hour with me (value £200)

Giving you prime time to ask me any questions you have with your sales activity, so I can guide you to getting clear, feeling confident and winning new clients.

What do you want to achieve in 6 weeks?

Sign up for the challenge here and let’s propel your business to six-figures and beyond.

PAY ONLY £345 when you sign up today

Get Sales Savvy

To your success and happiness with more results from your sales activity.


Jo James