How To Get Fantastic Business Growth


Are you starting Quarter 2 with clarity, focus and a plan of action on exactly WHAT to do when to achieve your goals?

Remembering my #1 Business Growth Rule, “Repeat what works, tweak what’s not, or ditch it” first, have a look at your results from your Quarter 1, January to March, and notice what worked well and gave you good results.

Read more here over on my blog and Reflect on these 7 Business Boosting Questions.

Once you have your results from Q1, you’ll be in a better position, with more clarity, to set your goals for Q2, April to June. To see what you need to focus on.

Consistency in your marketing and sales activities are key to your success.

Take a more aerial view of your sales and marketing. What needs improving?

What do you need to do more of? Regular, daily social media posting to your favourite platform? Write a blog and publish it on your site each week? Write to your list of subscribers, more often? Create video? Start doing facebook lives? Attend one more networking event each week? Pick up The Phone to prospective clients each week?

If you could choose just ONE more thing to focus on and do consistently in Q2, what would that be?

Now, look at your diary, and plan that time now.

SCHEDULE it in your diary. If you seriously want to do make it happen, schedule it in your diary now and honour the time to work on your business.

Imagine, if you were to take the further action in the next 90 days, what would you achieve?

What’s stopping you from doing it consistently, every day, or every week?

Being aware of what’s stealing your time, taking way too much of your time up, or if you’re finding that you’re only doing important things, rushed at the very last minute, I’d recommend a different way of looking at your diary, and prioritising your time.

Are you looking at a looooong to-do list and feeling overwhelmed with where to start already?

Are you able to find the time to take on new client projects, or are you wondering how you’re going to fit everything in?
Or maybe, like a new client I worked with last week, are you already staying up ’til all hours and getting stressed out trying to finish it all?

Check out my blog here to discover a great way to organise your time and diary for greater results, and to gain more time for you.

Consistency in your actions is key to success. Focus. Take action.


If you need my help or have a question about how to grow your business, please get in touch, I’d be delighted to help you.

To your success and happiness, here’s  to your sparkly Q2 ahead.

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