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To give yourself a head start, once you’ve checked your emails, turn off all distractions and focus.

Focus is the new F Word

Here’s a challenge for you to see what difference it makes to you this week.

Start your day by doing THE most important things first.  After you’ve checked your emails first thing to see if there’s something vitally important for you to do, close your inbox, completely. Close it until you’ve done what you need to do.

Turn your phone over, so you can’t see your notifications.  Turn off those pings!

Focus on these 5 days for you. Doing what you need to do, first.

Be brave. Do what needs doing.

Be proactive.

Not reactive.

Be in charge of your own emotions.

Not being sucked into the news, or facebook, or your fave social feed that’s crying out for your attention. Do they make you feel overwhelmed, or feel this, or feel that?

Start your day by putting YOUR business first.

You. Your business. Your goals.

Start with a smile.

Write down what you achieve. Monitor how you feel too. 

Maybe keep a journal for the next 5 days and note how you felt by coffee time, lunch time, at the end of the day.  How were your energy levels?

Ok, I hear you, things will happen that’s not in your control? So, monitor that too. Notice what happened that ‘got in the way’ of you doing exactly what YOU wanted to do. If you find yourself getting pulled off course, what was it?  How often did it happen?  How did it make you feel?

Mindset is key to success.

Keep the end goal in mind and focus on what you want to finish, who you want to get in touch with, or who you need to follow up with regarding that proposal you’re waiting to be signed off, or send those end-of-month invoices {insert your important thing here you want to see finished}.

You can do this.  You’ve got this.

Let’s go!

If you want to talk through your challenges with me, email me or call me on + 44 (0) 7968 016585. I’m here to help you have a focused week ahead.

I’m cheering you on from here to make these 5 days fruitful and fabulous!

To your success and happiness, Focus is the new F Word.

Jo James  xx

Your Business Coach who loves to help you significantly increase your sales.