Focus, finish and feel fabulous today!

Are you in the zone and working well, or are you getting distracted already?

Taking time to focus and prioritise on the one Most Important Thing to get finished each day is a good habit to get into.  It will help you achieve more in your day, which will certainly help you to feel good at the end of the day. That’s the desired effect, isn’t it?!

Here’s how to focus, finish and feel fabulous in 3 steps.

1. Prioritise and identify ‘what is your Most Important Thing to focus on right now?’


2. Turn off all distractions to get it finished!  Easier said than done sometimes, but it works wonders for your productivity!


3. How will you feel once you’ve completed it?  First, take a moment to imagine how you will feel once you’ve finished those tasks. Off your list, wonderful, ✅ done! Sending satisfied signals to your brain will help you complete your goals. You’ll be more drawn to your work and feel good doing it.

Here’s to focusing, finishing, and feeling fabulous, my friend!

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To your success and happiness, focus, finish and feel fabulous.

Have a great day now, let’s go!

Jo James xx

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