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Flip It to Feel Good

As we’re talking about self-care and mindset for business in the Action group, let’s talk a little bit more about reframing today. One of my favourite ways I work with my clients to help them create new choices and feel good.

Reframing is a way of flipping phrases around to give you a different perspective on the situation. This then changes how you feel which can make all the difference to you and your day. And we probably need to be practising this now, more than ever.

For example, I could say ‘oh no, it’s raining again’. The reframe or flip is ‘it’s raining again, great that’s good for the garden’ which feels better doesn’t it?

Flip it to a different meaning = getting a different feeling

Flip things to stop negative thoughts and negative feelings. This helps you find solutions more quickly and easily, allowing you to get on with your day again and help create more positive outcomes.

For example, if you have an idea for a new project you want to start this month and you hear someone saying something negative that they don’t think it will work out, the flip is, ‘well what if it does work?’

Flip it with friends and family who need a little lift one day. It works wonders. When they ask how you are, instead of saying, ‘I’m not too bad’, the flip is ‘I’m pretty good thanks!’ Flip their phrases to give them a lift and notice the difference.

Your action point for today is to notice where you can flip something that you say to help you feel better, and for when talking with your clients. Try it!

Reframing works wonders when working with teams and clients too.

For example, if a client shares with you what a bad day they are having, reframe or flip it with ‘it’s a good job I’m calling you now to help you, let’s work this out together.’

What phrase can you flip today to gain a new perspective and create new choices?

Flip it to feel good and make your Mondays matter!


Thanks for coming to Contacts and Cocktails!


We had a lovely meeting at Contacts and Coffee last Thursday, I do miss seeing everyone around the table but luckily our Zoom Bars are a happy and safe place where we can be together.

Our network is so helpful and supportive while being productive evenings with recommendations and follow up introductions being made, I want to say a big thank you to everyone who has come to the events so far and made the events as good as they are. Mwah! 💋

Book your ticket here for the next Contacts and Cocktails facilitated networking. New cocktails are on the list!

I look forward to seeing you and helping your business.

Jo James xx