Flex Your Funny Muscles And Then Relax

Stand Up Stand Out

I have some news today and a couple of brilliant opportunities to help boost your confidence, while you learn and laugh at the same time.

I have recently been appointed to the Advisory Board of an amazing organisation called Funny Women. You may remember their Accidental Conferences I’ve been part of for 3 years?

Funny Women champion comedians UK wide and conduct Workshops to help women feel confident in using humour in the workplace. They’ve just conducted a workshop for the Financial Times this week, as you can read here when the FT’s Business Editor wrote about the experience.

Funny Women is all about giving women a voice, at work and at play. If you have a burning desire to grab the mic, The Stand Up to Stand Out workshop helps you to get started as a performer and also shows you how to use humour when speaking in public. I have an invitation for you AND a VIP discount ticket.

I know first hand after attending the Funny Women, Stand Up to Stand Out Workshop that I have incorporated a lot more humour into my work with business owners, and Corporate Training. It’s certainly been mentioned by my clients and delegates who enjoy my style, and I’ve developed as a Trainer and Coach because of it.

I remember when I attended the Funny Women workshop with my #bff Tracey Barr. We entered the theatre drenched from the downpour, the Workshop started at 11am. In only 10 minutes we already, literally, had tears running down our faces from laughing so hard. A brilliant group of women to spend Saturday morning with, learning how to use our funny muscles more.

It’s not just standing up and telling jokes. It’s telling stories, discovering those brilliant funny things about ourselves and each other that we love, and laugh, and remember for ever.

I was going through the first stages of peri-menopause when I did the workshop and at the end of the 2 hours, I had a 3 minute stand-up intro. Talking about how I discovered I had peri-menopause gave me topical content. Want to know my punchline? It was………… “I thought my boobs were going to explode!” (I so wish I had written about it then, or did a quick video so I could have shown you!)

After being told by the hospital I didn’t have an aneurysm, it was a hormonal triggered migraine (never had a migraine ever before, wondered why the hangover was lasting 7 days, each month!) I told many friends what was going on, as they hadn’t heard of the ‘peri’ part of the menopause either and were worried by my continuous headaches and general aches. Oh the joy of being a woman! My body changed quite quickly, much like when I was a teenager, which was a total surprise. My confidence suffered too, as hormones surged around and they certainly play a big part in your well-being. Being only 45 at the time, the symptoms were totally unexpected, and worse, not talked about. So I’ve since made it a priority to talk to my friends about the first signs to watch out for!

So, you may have peri-menopause if you wake at 4am, for no apparent reason other than you’re sweating and feel like you’ve had a double espresso! I recommend, rather than try not to wake your partner by fidgeting, get out of bed and write that book that’s inside you. In hindsight I so wish I had. The only time in my life I’ve ever really wanted to get up that early! I’m a night owl really.

Anyway, I digress and could talk for hours about this!

Today, I can highly recommend spending time with Lynne at Funny Women, this Saturday, 7th October. 11am – 1pm.

Treat yourself or take a friend to the Stand Up to Stand Out Workshop on Saturday 7th October, if you can. You’ll be in great company.

Facilitated by Lynne Parker, founder of Funny Women, who has worked with over 3,000 women through her Awards and workshops since she created the company 15 years ago, you’ll be in for a very funny, entertaining and empowering Saturday morning.

Good news – Here’s your VIP discount.

As a valued subscriber of Make Your Mondays Matter, I would like to offer you a discounted rate to attend for £39.50 instead of the full price of £49.50.

Contact me for more details and to get your discount.

You don’t have to want to be a comedian to go, but the Workshop sure gives you a confidence boost and tones your tummy muscles at the same time while you laugh! So that’s your exercise done for the day! Have fun.

Here’s the other opportunity I mentioned earlier. Still here? Good, thank you 😉

I would like to introduce to you, the upcoming Business Retreat taking place in sunny Algarve, Portugal in November.

Come and Relax, Learn and Laugh with me and four other savvy business owners, in the sun.

Would you like to be part of a 4 day journey to revitalise your senses, renew your confidence, and restructure your business to elevate your success, results and profit?

Would you like to get away from the day-to-day stuff and immerse your body, mind and soul into creating your business future and be pampered at the same time?

Does that sound inviting to you?

Head on over to my Business Retreat page to my website to see more details here. There’s a 1 minute video I posted from our Executive Suites. Check it out! Please do get in touch if you have any questions.

Join me in the beautiful 5* Spa Resort and get clarity on how you can achieve your life goals and business dreams

Treat you and your business to a life-changing experience and get ready for 2018. Let’s put our heads and hearts together, in the sun.

Here’s what Kay said after the retreat in May this year.

“I was going through a major business overhaul and wanted time to get away, focus on the business, talk through some ideas and get clarity on my goals, which is why I booked the retreat.

It was a safe environment in which we could discuss everything, and I loved the ideas, help and support, the breakthrough moments and the laughter.

I’ve certainly got clarity and a plan to put everything into action now.

The food was absolutely fabulous.
The massage and hydrotherapy were a lovely way of starting the retreat
Yoga sessions and walks on the beach were relaxing and were a real energy boost.

Working with Jo James was an uplifting, positive and fun experience.
Facilitated brilliantly, helping us stay on track when we drifted off our path!”

said Kay Daniels, Your Financial Trouble Shooter who has since set up her new Consultancy Business we created on the Retreat www.kaydaniels.com #result

Thank you, Kay.

I’d love to help you find your focus on all those new ideas, pull out your strengths to create a business you love, and give you a plan of action and the confidence to make it happen.

Click the link here to discover more about how you can enjoy the Business Retreat too. What would you like to achieve in 4 days?

And in the spirit of Funny Women, as you go about your day, I encourage you to Stand Up and Stand Out in your work this week. Share your funny story. Allow yourself be that inner Dawn, Jennifer, Ruby or Joanna! Or Rick! Tell me, which one are you?

To your success and happiness.

Jo James