A Different Way To Start Your Year

NoteBookHere’s a way to feel focused and energised with a different exercise to get you started on your 2019 goals, at a more gentle pace.

Get focused with this reminder.

Feel more focused today by choosing up to 4 words that totally resonate with you and your goals, that when you say the words out loud, or when you see them written down, you get those extra special focused feelings of working ON purpose and being IN the zone.

My 4 words for this year are: be Bold, publish my Book and of course help my clients to Build their Businesses.  A touch of alliteration always helps you remember them too.

Yes there are many things to do to achieve it all, but by having my summary is a brilliant reminder and the overwhelm disappears. Details we can look into the next few weeks.

My 2019 goal is to do what I can to raise awareness of my book to help as many business owners as I can and to rise up and go global! Helping my clients and community to build your business and supporting my networking groups the best I can. As well as fitting in a bit more self-care and get fitter to look after myself too.

Your Action Point today is to decide on your 4 words to help you focus, and stop the overwhelm.

What 3 or 4 words FOCUS and align you with your 2019 goals? (There are no rules if you want 5 or more!)

Write down the words that FOCUS your attention. Just by saying or looking at them you feel focused and energised.

Put your words on a screensaver, on your phone or print them out to remind you. A visual reminder to feel focused helps rid the overwhelming feelings and brings you to the present moment, which makes it easier to then take action.

Do you want to get clear on WHAT to focus on to get your 2019 heading in the right way?

If you’d like to set up a Power Hour with me, dates of my availability are on the scheduler here for you to choose from.

“Thank you, I feel calmer and know exactly what I’m going to focus on now. Looking forward to talking to you again next month” said my creative client on her Power Hour last week. Would you like some help too?

I’m here to help you grow your business, and feel good doing it.

Let’s go! What words will you choose to feel focused and energised today?

To your success and happiness in 2019 and beyond.

Jo James

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