Are you telling your clients just how FABulous you are?

In my recent blog, Stop Underselling Yourself, we were talking about making a list of ALL the things you help your clients with, so you can value your skills more and stop underselling!

Go grab that list please! I want to make sure you are talking about your benefits with your prospective clients.

Talking about how your clients benefit from working with you, is a critical part of the sales process. When people see and hear these benefits, they get excited, happy and pleased their problems will get solved.



“You are creating an emotional response and that’s when people make the decision to buy”

Many business owners talk about what they’re going to do for their prospective clients, and get excited about talking about their own processes, but these are your features. Don’t get caught up just talking about the features of your work. Talk about Benefits too!

Our clients don’t exactly get excited by the features, it’s the benefits they want! The benefits they will experience after you have designed their website, arranged their event, coached their managers, [enter your expertise here] …

People buy the benefits of your service or product. They don’t buy the features.

So, when you are explaining the features of your service or product, remember to tell them how they will benefit from these. E.g. a VA completes admin and accounts so that the business owner has more time to work on developing the business, attend more meetings, or spend time with family, they have more time to do whatever they want to! That’s a big benefit to the client for completing admin tasks.

Talk about your Features And your Benefits. And the results will follow.

To your success and happiness, be FABulous!

Jo James xx

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