How to Expand Your Business Vision to Achieve Your Dreams in 2018.


During the holidays I watched the brilliant Mars docudrama on Netflix and found this quote so fitting for us to start the year with and inspire us on our business journey for 2018.

“The history of space exploration begins with individuals
taking the road not taken,
with people with a vision.

People being able to see with their minds,
what others had yet to see
with their eyes.

There is a direct correlation between the dreams
and the works of science fiction
and the reality.

We as humans, over and over again, create the future,
we create the future
we envision.

Then we bring to bear our resources, our capital, our technology,
our friendships,
and then we make it real.”

Peter Diamonds, Co-Founder, Co-Chairman, Planetary Resources as seen and heard on Netflix Mars. Series1: Episode 6 at 34 mins. 45 secs.

What vision do you want to bring to life in 2018?

Let’s bring our resources, capital, technology and friendships together and make visions real. I love helping you to take those steps to help make your dreams happen 🙂

Want to expand your vision and get a new perspective?

Read here on my blog how a helicopter ride can help you think big and create the year of your dreams. Enjoy the ride!

Thank you for being here. Have a fabulous day and I’ll see you soon.

To your success and happiness in 2018 and beyond.

Jo James