Take the shot! What do you want to achieve in Q4?

Wow the last three months of the year is in sight. We’re here! October 1st, giving us, you and me, 90 days to finish the year to smash our 2018 goals!

I’ve taken a big leap and have signed up with a Publisher to write my first book. OMG I’m so excited. I’m self-publishing, so it will be an experience, and working together with a Book Coach, I’m sure it will be a success.  I might well ask you for your advice and feedback along the way too please!

Anyway, enough about me, how are you?  Are you ready for Quarter 4, starting today?

Do it, learn, breathe, repeat! 

I’m not sure if we’re ever totally ready! How can we be? If we’re stepping outside our comfort zone to do new things, take on new challenges, I don’t think we’re ever 100% ready, we just need to be nearly ready and do it, learn, breathe, repeat!  The growth always happens when we take action and do it.

What’s the next big goal you want to achieve before the end of this year?

Write it down. Visualise it. Imagine yourself doing it, and it all working out well.

Of course, there may be obstacles, challenges, unexpected things that happen, but when you’re thinking about it, your brain doesn’t know if it’s a real or imagined experience, so you may as well imagine it all working out well. It will certainly put you in a more favourable ‘state’, a more empowering, productive frame of mind when you start it! Talk to me more about this if you want to get that picture crystal clear to move you into taking massive action on your goals.

If you haven’t yet decided what to FOCUS on in Q4, take some time now and get started.

We went to the beachside restaurant last week and saw this beautiful sunset. It took a few attempts, but I got the shot! which reminded me of that famous quote

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”


Take the shot! How to achieve your goals in Q4 Blog by Jo James AmberLIfe


So, to help you take those shots, I’m here to help you reach your targets. So, take some time and work on your business today. 

My #1 AmberLife Business Growth Rule is..

“Repeat what works, tweak what’s not, or ditch it “

Here are 3 Questions to help you gain more results in Q4. 

1.  What worked well in Q1, Q2 or Q3 that you can repeat in Q4 to get more results like that? e.g. Where did your best leads and ideal enquiries come from? 

2.  What tweaks do you need to make to improve your results even more? e.g. How can you improve your conversion rate from an enquiry to a ‘yes’?

3.  What do you need to stop doing? If it’s really not working, isn’t it time to stop doing x,y or z? You’ll then gain the time and energy to welcome in something new, or tried and tested, that does work! 

Remember, imagine it all working out well 😉 

Have a wonderful Q4 ahead.  If you’d like my help and want to talk about your current challenges and get clarity on what to focus on to finish strong in 2018, then please do get in touch. 

Are you looking to transform your results in 90 days?

I have space for 2 more 121 VIP clients to work with during Q4 of 2018 and am starting a new Mastermind Group in November, so please get in touch for more details and a chat about how working together can transform your business results. Is this you?

Are you feeling nearly ready to take that next step too? I’d love to hear from you. Please email me today and we’ll set up a time to talk about your business challenges and what you want to achieve next.

To your success and happiness, get clear on your Q4 goals, and the results will follow.

Jo James xx