Discover which ONE thing to focus on in Q2.

Like exercising, we don’t really get fit from only exercising once a week, do we?. It’s all about creating, and committing to daily habits. Yep, those pesky things!

What new daily habit would you like to start and develop in Q2 to treat your business and get it in tip-top shape for summer?

Several people on my VIP List told me they enjoyed focusing on just ONE more thing in Q1 to implement, which boosted their results and they were able to focus on that one extra thing and do it as they weren’t so overwhelmed.

So, what’s your ONE thing you want to focus on in Q2?

Will you publish one more blog each month to get into the habit of writing and expressing your business skills to attract your ideal clients?

Do you need to commit to posting on social media more?

Have more conversations with potential clients?

Network more?

Are you considering starting a newsletter or taking email marketing a little more seriously this quarter? Committing to contact your list one more time this month?

Your Action Point today is to decide on the ONE habit you want to get into in Q2 and start today. No time like the present!

Whatever you decide, GO FOR IT! Commit to it!

Yes, it might feel scary, but that’s probably adrenaline! Remember it’s how you name your feelings sometimes that stops us in our tracks. So name that feeling EXCITEMENT instead and imagine it all working out well. Because you may as well enjoy all those wonderful exciting feelings instead!

Easier said than done sometimes, I hear you. I love working with empowering NLP skills to help boost my client’s mindset and am at my desk if you’d like to join me in my zoom room for a boost this week? Email me and we can arrange to see each other!

As you go about your day thinking of the week ahead, imagine you have committed to your new habit for the next 5 days and it went well. Now imagine 30 days still going well, now imagine 90 days and it all worked out brilliantly as you hoped.

Depending on what new habit you chose, what would happen to your business? How will that affect you and your family? Your health? Your wellbeing?

How do you feel now?

Excited? More confident in taking the next step? Maybe you can make this way of thinking your new habit in Q2? Imagine how good that will feel.

For more mindset exercises and good habits, read my blog Flip it to Feel Good.

Have a flippin’ good day!

Jo James xx