Creating Good Business Habits to Keep Your Momentum and Shine.

Like exercising, we don’t really get fit from only exercising once a week. It’s all about creating, and committing to daily habits.

What new daily habit would you like to start and develop in August to treat your business and keep it in tip-top shape?

Your Action Point today is to considerwhat does your business need you to do on a more regular basis?

Write it down today. Visualise yourself doing it well for the next couple of days and make a start on Thursday, 1st August.

What habit do you need to develop to take your business to the next level?

Is it time to start writing a Journal to get into the habit of writing?
Or expressing yourself and sharing your expertise more in your posts?
Going out networking to see and be with people that can make a difference?
Posting on social media more often, say 4 days a week?
Following up more and arranging more meetings with your contacts?

Top Tip: Set yourself a goal and monitor your actions, and how you feel, so you can measure your growth.

If you’re stuck, please contact me today, and let’s talk. I can help create an Action Plan for you for August to see more results in September and beyond.

To your success and happiness,

Jo James

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