Calming Wheel Technique to relax and respond calmly.

Introducing The Calming wheel technique to feel more relaxed in an instant and have a better day.

I hope you and your family are well.

How are you feeling?

The last few weeks have been hard haven’t they.  I had many difficult conversations as I expect you did too. Calls about massive drop off in work, projects evaporating, work drying up, people being stressed with how to juggle work and family under one roof all the time.

I shared my Calming Wheel Technique with some business owners to help them feel more relaxed and able to respond to their family, friends, teams, clients, how they wanted to respond. I also had a couple of Clarity Coaching Calls to help people think outside the box, and see how they can transform their business for Q2, so they’re stronger in Q3.

We need to put ourselves in a good frame of mind first so we can get creative.

Do you want to learn The Calming Wheel Technique?

If you’re feeling stressed or you want some help to relax, feel less anxious or less stressed, please get in touch and I’ll happily share with you my “Calming Wheel” technique to help you to relax more when you need to. So you can respond to people how you want to respond.

To be clear, I am not charging for these Calming Wheel sessions, I want to help you if you need to feel more relaxed so you can have a better day and feel more empowered in these challenging times.

It’s easy to learn, we’ll need about 15 – 20 minutes together online and the changing feeling of restored calm is so immediate. Yep, really!

And you’re then able to respond with a clearer, calmer frame of mind, with a more relaxed tone of voice.

Parents love it! Not only to have it for themselves but to help their children relax too. It comes in very handy. Please reply to this email if you’d like me to share it with you and restore some calm into your day when you need it.

Get in touch, email me or give me a call during the week and get your Calming Wheel. I’d love to share this with you if you’re feeling anxious or stressed.

When you’re in a good frame of mind, you can think about work more productively too.

Here’s a little video to introduce The Calming Wheel Technique to you.

There’s a slight boob around 1 minute in, I meant to say, ‘maybe you haven’t worked at home all the time!’

Happy to help you. Please get in touch to quickly learn your Calming Wheel so you can relax in an instant.

Email me here or send me a DM on my instagram @jojamesamber

To your success and happiness, stay safe.

Jo James
Your Business Coach who loves to help you make it happen.