What’s Your Best Success Story of 2017?

Success 2017

As it’s always good to reflect on the year you’ve just had before you plan for your future and 2018 goals, take a while today and identify your business success stories this year.

  • Maybe you’ve launched a new service or product to compliment your business and help your ideal clients even more?
  • Maybe you’re part of a new collaboration and have plans to bring it to life next year?
  • Maybe you’ve been juggling business, family and your health?
  • Maybe you’ve totally met your financial goals and are quietly doing a little happy dance there?

Whatever achievements you have made, big or small, remember you have been brave and brilliant. Yes, it’s a pretty intense life being an entrepreneur juggling all things, so hats off to you, feel proud of your achievements and importantly all your new learnings this year. Here’s a big well done from me.

Well done 🙂

Talking of financial goals, today’s a good day to refresh your finances.

Have a look at your invoices.

Do you need to issue new invoices before the end of the year? Do you need to do a little credit control and send a polite reminder of any outstanding invoices?

Check your cash flow as Christmas is a popular time for people to go away and not everyone is back at their desks in the New Year until mid-January. So, do have a check and keep an eye on your cash flow.

If you have any questions, ping me an email and we can arrange a time to chat about getting your business ready for more success in 2018.

To your success and happiness,

Jo James