Business Opportunities to make your Q4 Sparkle

What a beautiful Autumn weekend we’ve had in England. The leaves are turning vibrant reds and oranges and there were blue skies and sun.  Quarter 4 has begun, so I’m giving you a bumper blog post today to kick start some more biz growth.

Let’s go!

As you’ve taken the time to network at events and online, let’s keep up the momentum. Here are some Top Tips to help you take focused action and make the most of the opportunities around you.

Remember my #1 AmberLife Business Growth Rule

Repeat what works, tweak what’s not, or ditch it.

I’m pleased I tweaked my networking events for you to include Contacts and Cuisine, The facilitated networking lunch. After successfully facilitating Contacts and cocktails, many of my clients have asked for more events! So when Monarch sadly went bust and I couldn’t get back to Portugal, the first AmberLife networking lunch on Friday was launched and worked well.

Great feedback from everyone, so save the date for your diary if you’d like to come next month, it’s on November 3rd.

Jo James Contacts and Cuisine copy

Here’s where you can book your place at the table.

It was elegant dining, food was delicious and business opportunities are already happening from the conversations I initiated around the table. That’s what you call a #result!

I’m sitting down with a new client at 11 am this morning for his first Clarity session with me. He’s starting a new sales role and wants training on the best sales tactics that work, and how to best introduce his new services and products, with impact. Excellent, really looking forward to working with him. I love training people to improve their sales, and get results, fast.

1. Are you taking the time to follow up with people but not getting the results you want to?

Check out my blog to find out ‘What to do if you keep getting voicemail, or people aren’t getting back to you, want to know what the best time to call is head on over to read 3 tweaks to make your calls more productive.

2. Engage Active Listening.

When you’re on the phone, doing those all-important follow-up calls, listen well when your contact picks up the phone. Do they sound like they’re in a hurry when they answer? Do they really have the time to talk to you now or would later be better for both of you?

When’s the best time to talk to your contacts?

Listen carefully (full of care) to their tone of voice and notice if they sound relaxed and happy to talk, or did they sound rushed when they answered the phone? If rushed, ask them when will be a good time to talk. It’s ok. It’s good manners to ask anyway, isn’t it? You want to be able to hold their attention on the phone, so give them time to do this. It’s not as stressy for you then either!

Bonus Tip

We talked how you can elegantly mirror language recently  – read it here if you missed it, it’s gold!

So, my bonus tip is to Mirror their tempo at first too. Slow your speed down, if they talk slowly, or they might not catch what you’re saying. Speed up, if they talk quickly, or they might get impatient!

Mirror first to build rapport, then adjust to your way of talking a few minutes into the conversation. Mirror, pace and lead we call it in Sales Training.

3. If you’re sometimes lost for words

When your prospective customer says something like ‘oh, that looks too expensive’? Or, ‘I’m talking to a few suppliers, I’ll get back to you’?

Read here how you can answer these challenging questions over on my blog 3 ways you can dig deeper to make more sales.

If you have a question about sales training or How to Present Your Business with Impact when you’re in front of your prospective clients, please do not hesitate to contact me. Putting in some extra training and practise before your meeting so you’re fully prepared, will certainly help you feel more confident in your meeting. Get in touch if you’d like to explore this more and win that new piece of business, or three!

Have a brilliant day.

Pick up the phone to your contacts, arrange those meetings, how many would be good for you to arrange this week. 3 or 5? Tell me, I’d love to hear. If you secured 3 to 5 new business opportunities this month, what would that mean to you? How would that impact your Q4 results?

Call me if you need me, I’m here to help you make it happen.

To your success and happiness, go sparkle.

Jo James