VIP Mastermind Groups, Live and online.

Are you looking to transform your business but feeling overwhelmed or fed up working alone?

My VIP Mastermind Groups attract Solopreneurs, Coaches, Trainers and Small Business Owners who need more focus and direction to take their business to the next level. They are looking for proven business development strategies, to implement structure and have systems in place to build their business to give them the lifestyle they desire.

And they want some guidance, support, and sound advice to help get them there. Sound familiar?

You’re in the right place!

Cheryl Laidlaw, Website in a Day

Jo has such great advice, knowledge and passion for all stages of your business. Jo’s sales skills and techniques she shares, and her ‘Top 10’ is something that has stayed with me. I did Jo’s mastermind for 3 years and the accountability and support you receive is epic! If you want to grow your business look into the AmberLife Mastermind groups.

Are you looking for support to transform your business, and feel good doing it?

It can feel quite lonely running your own business, can’t it? With so many questions that you want answering, decisions to make, techie stuff to work out, sales activity, social media and marketing to manage, it’s no wonder you can feel deflated working it all out by yourself. But, I’ve got your back!

By joining one of my Mastermind Groups, you have me on your side and have like-minded people around you who will support you AND your goals which will propel you to succeed faster, with more ease and enjoyment!

And you can get your questions answered!

I create small Mastermind groups of like-minded business owners, so you get plenty of time to ask questions, get straight answers, and work on your business dreams and goals during the day. Making the most of the time you spend in your monthly Mastermind Group Days. (And yes, there’s private time allocated with me every month too) Giving you my VIP service and strategies to build your business and significantly increase your sales.

Get clarity, confidence and more clients.

Do you want to get clarity on HOW to increase your income and see more results?

Through no fault of their own, many business owners just aren’t making the money they thought they would when they first set up their business. Its’ my mission to change this. I want to see you thrive.

tick-amberlife Are you ready to attract more of your ideal clients and make more sales?

tick-amberlifeDo you want to feel confident you are taking the right steps to elevate your business?

tick-amberlifeAre you looking for Accountability to keep you focused and motivated for your success?

I’d love to help you!

Hi, I’m Jo James, business coach, sales trainer and award-winning author, empowering you to take action to build your business, make more sales and feel good doing it!

Combining my empowering, confidence-boosting coaching skills with 25 yrs hands-on experience in building 6 and 7-figure businesses, I am here to help and support you through this. Running a business isn’t easy and it’s pretty tough at times, otherwise, everyone would do it! But you’ve chosen to do this and I want to make sure you’re earning more money than you are now, and have the foundations to build a successful and profitable business.

Contact Me here today to talk about your business challenges.

My VIP Mastermind groups are created especially for Solopreneurs, coaches, and small business owners who need to make more sales, want to learn, grow, and build their business dreams.

You will make good headway each month to build your business with clear action points to help you make more sales and with my time management techniques, you’ll have more time for you, too!

Most business owners want more time and often feel overwhelmed with so much to do. If you do, you’re not alone! It gets pretty boring and frustrating trying to work everything out by yourself, as I found out when I first started my own business in 2001. There’ so much to learn!

Are you looking to get clarity on what areas to focus on for success? Discover, learn and implement the 4 essential elements for a thriving business these days. And mixed with a business and more confident mindset, you’ll be unstoppable!

Many of my clients have been running their businesses for a few years, but really want to learn proven sales skills to stop getting peaks and troughs in their income. I teach sales skills, the anti-selling way!

They have wanted to learn energy-management and time management techniques to work on their business, and not feel burnt out.

My clients want to refocus, get clarity and direction and with my expertise we have created new services and a business to support their lifestyle.

Do you?

What new skills are you looking to learn and develop?

Have you spent money on online courses, are bored of watching endless videos, (or never having the time to watch them!), and now you really want to talk to someone and get a straight answer to your questions?

Do you know you need to put in the success-generating foundations in your business and need help crafting emails, newsletters and social media posts?

Maybe you’ve tried for a year or more to make good money, but not really making enough profit?

Lots of my clients experience these situations when they first start with me. We turn this around though, and I can show you how to make a profit in your business and earn regular income. Imagine how good that will feel!

What will you do with the extra money you’ll be earning?

Email me today and tell me what you’d love to achieve and I’ll help you every step of the way!

Sarah Houldcroft - member of VIP Mastermind Groups Online by Jo James AmberLife

Sarah Houldcroft, Goldcresst Books Ltd

“Within 6 months of starting work with Jo I doubled my turnover and it is still increasing.

I had been looking for a business coach for a while who could help me to stop wandering around in the wilderness so to speak and get me on track and focused to build my business. When I met Jo I knew she was the coach for me. I felt immediately at ease as if I had known her for years. The enthusiasm and dedication that she showed to my business along with her expertise has meant that I am more focused, working more efficiently and have a clear picture of where I want to go with my business and how to get there.  I love the mastermind days and all the actions that I am taking with Jo’s help –  it’s so much fun working together! If you are struggling to know what to do in your business or have lost direction and focus, then Jo James is most definitely the coach for you.”

Contact Me here today to DOUBLE your turnover too!

So, do you want to…

tick-amberlife Feel more confident you’re heading in the right direction to support your desired lifestyle?

tick-amberlife Secure more clients and significantly increase your sales?

tick-amberlife Raise your profile to attract more of your ideal clients, and make your marketing work more effectively?

tick-amberlifeCreate your new program or service and bring your new brilliant business ideas to life?

tick-amberlifeGet all-important accountability to keep you on track, focused and motivated?

I’m your woman! I love helping my clients to build their businesses and design their desired lifestyles.

Propelling my clients to succeed in their business so they can buy their first flat, start a family, and pay for school fees to buying their dream home, relocating and gearing up for retirement, and many more reasons! All in all, I want to empower you to be independent and live your life how you want to!

What’s important to you about building your business?

Hannah Hall Testimonial - member of VIP Mastermind Groups Online by Jo James AmberLife

Hannah Hall, Sunflower Corporation.

I doubled my turnover, again and protected my time!

In six months of working with Jo I had implemented structure and systems that worked well each month, and elevated my business to the level I wanted to before becoming pregnant, which enabled me to have some proper maternity leave with my daughter when she came along in 2015. Everything was going to plan!

Fast forward to autumn 2016, I’d been back at work for over a year, busy doing the doing, and knew I needed to go back to Jo to pull my focus back to the bigger picture. She has this wonderful way of making you appreciate what you are capable of then setting goals to achieve it and holding you accountable to these goals!

I have now been back in an Amberlife VIP Mastermind group for a year and it’s been the most successful year I’ve had, I’ve more than DOUBLED my turnover, AGAIN! The team has grown, business has developed and we’ve won some fantastic contracts. As well as these business achievements I have managed to protect my time with my family which is so important to me.

Thank-you Jo xxx”

I’d love to help you double your results, achieve your business goals and lead the lifestyle you desire.

Working together, you will discover and implement the 7 essential elements that make a successful and sustainable business.

I will give you personal guidance and advice on where to laser focus your time for the very best results, while you power up your business and learn from a small group of like-minded entrepreneurs on your journey together.

My clients love having me to help them prioritise their workload and identify their next steps. Implementation and taking consistent action is key to your success.

I give you clarity, accountability and a personal mentor for success.

Combining my mentoring skills and my 25yrs+ business background of building multiple 6 and 7 figure businesses, so it’s not just the strategies for business I bring, I can relate to you personally.

I have experienced the highs and the lows of running a business. I know, first hand, the obstacles, stresses and countless challenges that we business owners face every day.  But, I’m on your side! I’ll give you the support you need, the encouragement you want, and pass on my knowledge to you.

I love what I do and I have helped hundreds of business owners just like you, turn both their lives and their businesses around.

You don’t have to do it alone.

Wil Watts

Wil Watts, Co-founder, Madam Geneva & Gent Gin Experiences

I’ve DOUBLED my income and started another new business that is fast becoming a huge success

“Working with Jo was one of the best business decisions I have ever made. 3 years ago I was lost. I was feeling complete overwhelm, confusion and lack of direction for where my business was heading. I was about to give up.

Enter Jo James.

I started working with Jo in one of her monthly Mastermind groups. Jo has given me easy to implement processes, ways of working and above all, clarity. I know what I need to do and I know how I am going to do it.

Since working with Jo, I have streamlined my business, DOUBLED my income, AND I have even started another new business which is fast becoming a huge success.

If you are thinking of working with Jo James, stop thinking and start today.”

What’s the return on your investment, you might be wondering?

Most of my clients have doubled (and tripled) their income. My clients have invested with me to update their skills and strategies and have seen a huge return, as much as 25 times their investment.

Now that is a successful result! A true value for money, which is what the V stands for in VIP!

The business owners that have joined my Mastermind Groups have doubled their income and continue to gain attention and attract their ideal clients, create thriving communities and raving fans. They love having the group to discuss their ideas and during the day they implement their learnings. Hence the I in VIP!

Learn practical sales and marketing techniques, to make more profit (yes, the P in VIP!) they get clear on what do next during Mastermind Days. And of course I give you my VIP service for your success and happiness.

Sharing the best personal development techniques, as I’m a Master Practitioner of NLP, I combine these empowering skills with my business background to help you get through creative blocks and reach your goals in a fun and empowering way. Life-changing even!

My VIP Mastermind Groups are a hive of activity. They are reflective and pensive. They are challenging and inspirational. And they work so well!

Brainstorm and bounce off your brilliant ideas, get support and encouragement from me and your peers, and discover how to consistently get the results you want, while feeling calmer, confident and more in control.

We’ll all be there for you, cheering you on to create the business and lifestyle you dream of, and see amazing results from your talents and skills!

Why is it important for you to make these changes now?

Dr Catherine Spencer-Smith Testimonial member of VIP Mastermind Groups Online by Jo James AmberLife

Dr Catherine Spencer-Smith

My business grew by more than 30% in under six months and brought in at least 5 times the equivalent in revenue.

My goal was to reach a stage where my diary was as maximally booked as possible with client referrals, whilst keeping my sanity!

The numbers were big – my practice grew by more than 30%, quickly, and Jo helped me achieve it in under six months, which is staggering.

Jo taught me to look more purposefully about the marketing of my practice, and she’s given me a real structure to reach out to, and maintain, consistent and meaningful contact with referrers.

Being part of the Mastermind group has made all the difference in the world. There is a wonderful sense of community and accountability, and we can share ideas and problem-solve together, all with Jo’s fabulous direction. Mastermind day is my favourite day of the month – we all get ridiculously excited about getting together, sharing our struggles and successes, and we learn so much. I estimate conservatively that my investment has brought in at least FIVE times the equivalent in revenue.

Joining Jo James’ Mastermind group is the single best business decision I have ever made, besides starting a business of my own. Do yourself a favour, and make the decision to join too

So, how can you do this too?

Working together we will raise your credibility and authority to stand out in your field and take your business to the next level. Stopping the overwhelm!

You will get clarity on the 7 successful elements every business needs including:

  1. Super-effective proven sales and marketing strategies to win more business, more often.
  2. 21st Century Copywriting techniques to establish your authority in your field, drive more enquiries, get more sign-ups to your list and convert more website browsers into customers.
  3. Clarity on how to make your products and services attractive and easier for people to buy.
  4. Tools to attract clients you want to work with and win on-going work.
  5. Skills on how to create your virtual team if you desire or hire the right people and monitor staff performance.
  6. Improving your Cashflow and generate regular monthly income.
  7. Creating the best mindset to be a super-effective business owner.

All in my fabulous, income-generating, confidence-boosting, VIP Mastermind Groups.

You will move forward with more self-belief and confidence with these proven client-winning strategies.

We meet online for Mastermind Group Days and diarise 121 Power Hour times with me, every month. Plus, giving you my VIP service, I’m always on the end of the phone if you need me for a boost one day.

How we work together:

VIP Monthly Mastermind Group Days are held online in my AmberLife Zoom Room where you will have a full day together to fire up your business and propel you forward to success.

PLUS you get Monthly private 121 times in Power Hours with me to keep you focused and give you the all-important accountability.

PLUS You’ll get Heads-Up Calls. I am always on the end of the phone for you if you have a question or need a boost one day.

So you never have to sit there stewing again! I’m here to help you every step of the way.

This is an exciting business-boosting 12 month program. Your investment is 4 instalments of £1410 or one payment of £4940.

Contact Me here today and apply for your Mastermind Group membership.

Do you have any questions for me or are you ready to join my VIP Mastermind Group?

Get in touch today and let’s propel your business to the next level.

Email me today to apply to Join the AmberLife VIP Mastermind Group and we’ll arrange a time to talk. Giving you time to ask me any questions to make sure you’re happy to go ahead.

I look forward to hearing about your business and helping you thrive.

Here to help you #makeithappen, transform your business and design your desired lifestyle.

And we can celebrate your success together at the end of the year, in the Algarve in Portugal, where I’m now based!

Join my VIP Mastermind Groups and the results will follow.

Email me here today. Let’s transform your business. I’d love to help you #makeithappen