Feeling stuck? Confused? Need a question answered? Get clear in a Skype Power Hour with me, Jo James.

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Do you want to talk about your current challenge or do you need to make a decision on something?

Are you feeling stuck and quickly want some clarity so you can move forward again?

Do you need me to prioritise your workload for the week ahead so you can see more results?

I help with all manner of requests from Business Owners that are stuck and need to get clarity and focus again.

A Power Hour is a pocket of time to help you to get things done, in 60 minutes.

We can meet over Skype or FaceTime, and it will be like we’re in the same room.  Tell me what you’re stuck on.

Within 60 minutes, you gain insights, solutions to your problem and clarity to take action.

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” In under an hour on my Skype Power Hour, I got clear about three things that had been bugging me.  Jo helped me discard loads of stuff that wasn’t necessary and I’m clearer, lighter and excited and know exactly what to do next. She’s brilliant.” Sharon Simpson, Interiors, Designer, Photographer at Dark Romantix 

Don’t sit there struggling, book a Skype Power Hour with me today and I’ll get you moving again.

Please call me or email me to book your Power Hour:

T: +44 (0)7968 016585 or Email: jojames@amberlife.com

“During my Power Hour conversation with Jo, I was given so much sound advice to grow my business and develop my sales strategies that my head is buzzing with new ideas. Even as we spoke Jo was introducing me to contacts and making business connections with all the energy and enthusiasm for which she is, rightly, well known. Jo is a true Mentor for women in business.”  Z Johnson, Creative Business Owner.