Stretch your targets to achieve your 2021 goals!

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We’re in the final two weeks of Q3, how are you getting on?

Maybe you’re already hitting the targets you set for September? Let’s pick it up with a stretch target to finish 2021 strong!

Goals and targets are great to energise you and to keep you focused on essential activities.

Targets help you to prioritise your workload. Goals help to say no to distractions and overwhelm and help you to say yes to new opportunities.

And of course, make sure you reward yourself for reaching or beating your targets and goals. Have a spa day, invest in yourself, or set yourself a monetary bonus to give yourself an extra incentive to achieve your 2021 goals!

Read more over on the blog to help define your stretch targets for an extra boost!

As we near the end of Q3, let’s look ahead to what you want to achieve in Q4.

What project would you love to see completed?

What do you want to see happen in Q4?

What is THE thing that would really make the difference to how you will feel about your business by the end of the year?

Come and join the AmberLife Action Group for Q4 and let’s make it happen!

Looking to boost your revenue? My  AmberLife Action Groups can help you











Thank you to Lisa Webb from Pink Frog for her kind words about her

AmberLife Action Group experience. 🥰

AmberLife Action Group Testimonial from Lisa Webb Pink Frog Ltd













My previous AmberLife Action Group members have chosen what to focus on when they joined.

Just like pieces of amber are unique. So are you and your business.

In their groups, supporting each other and having clear action points tailored to their business, they have:

🤩 Focused on their sales activity and smashed their targets because they were so focused, especially when closing the sale.

🤩 They worked with their dream clients. Yes, the best of their Top 10!

🤩 Raised their visibility by posting more regularly as they had fresh content ideas and a plan.

🤩 Discovered my Time Management techniques and two have changed to a 3 day working week, by choice!

🤩 Decluttered, reorganised their office space to improve their environment, and felt so much lighter and were more productive.

🤩 Put new systems in place to enhance their customer journey online.

🤩 Some have now started working in the online space and created a new revenue stream for their business.

Have they given you some ideas as to what to focus on in Q4?

What would make the difference for your business?

What do you choose to focus on next in your business to see more results and feel good?

I’m here to help you make it happen.

If you have any questions about the latest Action Group and how that can help you and your business thrive, please email me with ‘Action Group’ in the title and we can have a chat.

Email me today, I’m here to help and support you achieve your goals.

Have a great day! Go sparkle! 🤩

To your success and happiness,

Jo James xx

Your Business Coach, empowering you to build your business and feel good doing it.

P.S. Check out the AmberLife Action Group here to help boost your 2021 results and beyond. 

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