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Be Proud as You Review Your Decade

It’s all feeling a lot like Christmas now the parties, networking and meetups are in full swing. We had a great time on Thursday evening at December’s Contacts and Cocktails. It’s been a pleasure meeting and introducing everyone this year, so many brilliant business owners helping their clients transform their wealth, health and wellbeing.

I feel very proud of creating this community, bringing together funny, kind, generous, successful and happy people. And how by facilitating the networking really helps you get to know each other’s business expertise at the events.

I love how you’ve shared your contacts, been so supportive to help each other’s businesses grow.

Stay tuned to see what I have in store for you. I’ve got exciting things planned for Contacts and Cocktails.🍹💃🏼💥

Save the date to join us on 16th Jan 2020.

What are you most proud of achieving this quarter, this year, and this decade?

It was 10 years ago that I officially started AmberLife. So six months before that I didn’t even have this business, it was a plan on paper. Maybe you started your new business this decade too?

Before AmberLife, I had a recruitment agency that I’d started and ran for 10 years in the City of London, then in the financial crash lost 70% of the business in 3 weeks. I didn’t have my AmberLife website, any coaching clients and we didn’t really have social media then, LinkedIn had just about started. A lot can change in a decade! I wonder what new tech will appear for us next.

I had a dream, the drive and a plan to make it happen and create AmberLife.

While networking in London I met so many new business owners and felt I had to help them be successful with their businesses. My drive is still true to this day – to empower business owners to stay in business and grow their business, to have independence, create a bright future and live the life they desire. That’s the ethos behind the name, AmberLife!

I am so grateful to have been able to bring my business-building expertise to life to have helped hundreds of my clients feel more confident, raise their profile, take on board new sales and marketing activities and regularly step outside their comfort zone to grow their amazing businesses and life.

As Greta Thunberg encourages world leaders to step outside their comfort zone, they’ll be joining us, as we business owners have to do this almost every week!

I am truly thankful for being able to be in your life and help your business grow. Mwah!! 💋 Thank you for your feedback and replies about how these blogs and newsletters help you and for all your support with my book, Make Your Mondays Matter which I am so proud of finally publishing.

Thank you again to Sarah, my publisher at Goldcrest Books for helping me make this dream come true and thank you to you for posting and sharing the news and reviews. A year ago today my manuscript was with the proofreader but it’s so good to see it on the shelves in the Business section on the 4th Floor of Waterstones Piccadilly, and of course it’s available on Amazon!


Thank you to Carla Salas at Support Services Leaders – cleaning and maintenance for schools and offices in the South East of England.

It was great to introduce her and her business at Contacts and Cocktails and sign her copy of Make Your Mondays Matter.

A decade of challenges, dreams and determination.

Today I invite you to reflect over this quarter, this year and your decade and note your best achievements, your biggest learnings and see how you’ve changed in life and business. Look how much you’ve grown! I know I probably sound like your Aunty when you were growing up! (words I didn’t hear as I’m pretty short, at 5′ 2″ 😂 )

But look how much you’ve grown!

What are you most proud of achieving?

What have you learned about yourself?

What will you carry into 2020?

Repeat what works, tweak what’s not or ditch it.

What do you want to leave behind, let go of, wave goodbye to?

What do you want to see yourself doing more of next year?

What are you going to create next year to help and serve your clients?

What are your plans?

I’d love to help you find clarity and transform your business again in 2020.

If you want me this week, I’m here at my desk in Portugal. Let’s talk! What are you stuck on? What do you need to #RepeatTweakDitch? What goals or plans do you need help bringing to life? Tell me, I’d love to help you #makeithappen.

Have a great week ahead and enjoy the rest of the festive parties.

To your success and happiness,

Jo James xx