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Reshaping Our Working Day

2020-09-22T15:54:46+00:00By |Blog|

As we reshape our lives, many of us will carry on working from home.  How are you separating your home and work life now it's all under one roof? Here are 3 Top Tips to consider.

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How to Make the Most of Q1

2020-09-22T15:54:46+00:00By |Blog|

I expect the uplifting energy and inspiring stories from International Women's Day continue to give you that extra burst of confidence and determination. We have 3 Mondays until the end of Q1. Let's go! What projects are you working on? Here's how to make the most of your Q1...

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In the spirit of International Women’s Day

2020-09-22T15:54:47+00:00By |Blog|

In the spirit of International Women's Day... Happy International Women’s Day! Yes again, it's still going! It's being celebrated all around the world for at least a week now. It's great isn't it, how the celebrations keep lasting longer each year. We had a fabulously productive Contacts and Cuisine, amidst the Prosecco to celebrate IWD [...]

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