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7 Tips for Effective Networking

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I work with many clients to help boost their confidence when networking, so I thought I'd share some top tips for you today to make your networking work smarter.

Business Opportunities to Make your Q4 Sparkle

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What a beautiful Autumn weekend we've had in England. The leaves are turning vibrant reds and oranges and there were blue skies and sun.  Quarter 4 has begun, so I'm giving you a bumper blog post today to kick-start your Q4 business growth.

Flex Your Funny Muscles And Then Relax

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I have some good news today and a couple of brilliant opportunities to help boost your confidence, while you learn and laugh at the same time.

How To Mirror Elegantly To Make More Sales

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As selling is a vital skill to learn to grow your business, and happily stay in business, today, I'm going to give you a new Super Power to help you make more sales. Read how to elegantly...

What Our Rocket Scientist Has To Say On Perfection

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You may have noticed how one day, you go to press publish on your blog or go to press the red dot on the video on your iphone to go live on facebook, and then....... you've changed your mind and talked yourself out of it and your hands are stuck, hovering over the buttons? Listen to these words of advice on reaching for perfection...